Secondary Principal’s Blog
April 9, 2021, Update
Christina Powers, Secondary School Principal

We wish you all a safe and peaceful Thingyan Holiday.

This weekend many ISY faculty will be relocating back to their home country. The timing of this departure is ideal as it will allow time for faculty to regroup and be ready for online learning on April 19, 2021.  Synchronous instruction will continue on April 19th and will be following the Myanmar time zone.  School will start at 9:00 AM.

Quarter 3 Report Cards

Students’ report cards have been made available through PowerSchool today. Please take a moment to review your child’s reportcard and engage in meaningful discussions regarding student growth.  It is without a doubt that this quarter has been difficult for our students as they brave the uncertain times. Take a moment to ask how you can help your child succeed. What motivates them and makes them happy.  If yo have questions about the report, please contact the classroom teacher.

Offline Learning Activities

This afternoon an email was sent with the updated offline learning activities attached. Please note the following

  • These activities are not intended for students who have unstable internet. Please work with the classroom teacher to seek a solution for this situation.
  • Many of the activities have been updated. If the activities require new resources we have attached the resources to this updated email. Otherwise, the previous resources that were sent in February are still relevant.
  • Please take a moment to download the offline message and the attached documents so that you are able to access the lessons if they are needed.

We are hopeful that we will not have a need to utilize these activities, but in the event it is necessary we would like you all to be prepared.