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Athletics & Activities Blog – April 3

Virtual Athletics & Activities

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during these unprecedented times.  We truly miss seeing our ISY Chinthes on campus.  
Although we do not have any organized athletics events or after school activities at the moment, I have really enjoyed seeing how our teachers and our students are staying active at home.  Online Zumba/yoga classes, home-made obstacle courses in the living room, basketball hoops in the backyard, a brisk walk around the neighborhood  – any movement is better than no movement at all.  And right now we have a LOT of time to be fit, it might just take a bit of creativity!
When you are feeling low or bored, the best medicine is to get up and move around.  According to the Dana Foundation, a non-profit institution that conducts neuroscience research, exercise can make you feel happy, help you sleep better, help relieve stress and yes – make you smarter!  So get up and move around every day – for at least one hour if possible.  It will make your day go by more quickly and might even help with your upcoming 3rd quarter grades.
Take care, stay healthy, stay fit – and keep in touch.  We all love hearing from students and parents while we are in our respective homes doing what we can to help our communities stay healthy as well.

Summer Academy 2020 Cancelled

ISY has made the decision to cancel Summer Academy 2020. Regardless of whether we come back to school on May 4th or not, Summer Academy will not take place this coming June.  
We decided it would be best to end registration and cancel now in order to give everyone more time to make other arrangements.  

SEASAC 2020-21

The new SEASAC calendar for 2020-21 has been released and ISY will be hosting…drum roll please…Division 1 Boys and Girls Badminton!  

Following are the dates and locations of next year’s tournaments.  I am pretty excited for a do-over because cancelling things this year has been NO FUN AT ALL.

  • Volleyball / November 6-8 / NIST
  • Golf / November TBD / HIS
  • Cross Country / November 27-28 / GIS
  • Soccer / November 6-8 / SAIS
  • ARTS / January 28-31 / NIST
  • Tennis / January 29-31 / AIS
  • Girls Basketball / January 29-31 / TTS
  • Boys Basketball / January 29-31 / BSJ
  • Touch / January 29-31 / RIS
  • Senior Swimming / March 4-5 / CDNIS
  • MUN / March 4-7 / KLASS
  • Girls Softball / March 19-21 / BPS
  • Boys Softball / March 19-21 /GIS/MKIS
  • Badminton / March 19-21 / ISY
  • Junior Swimming / May 7-9 / AIS

Session 3 ASA Refunds

With the closure of school until May 4th, all ASAs have been cancelled.  We will revisit the programs when we are able to return to campus.

ISY would like to offer refunds to anyone who has already paid for their After School Activities for Session 3.  As we are currently a closed campus, your ISY account will be credited with the ASA payment.  If you are leaving ISY next year or your child is graduating, your refund will be available in the business office when the school reopens in May.

If you have any questions regarding the refund process, please reach out to the business office directly at  If you have any questions regarding the ASA program, please contact Lisa Isom at  

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