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Athletics & Activities Blog – January 22

Session 3 ASAs – Registration Begins Tuesday!

Session 3 Elementary School ASAs will begin Monday, February 1 and will run through Friday, April 2. Due to the Students Without Borders program February 1-5, Middle School/High School ASAs will be postponed by one week and will begin on Monday, February 8.  Although most of the ASAs will still take place virtually, there will be a few chances for on-campus activities for those who are interested.  Check out the Session 3 ASA Packet for more information.

ISY After School Activities Process:
On Tuesday, January 26 at 7pm, After School Activity registration will open for all students on PowerSchool. In order to enable all students to have a chance to get into their top choices, students/parents will only be able to register for two events on the first day. At 7pm on Wednesday, January 27, registration will open up for all remaining activities. Registration will close completely on Thursday, January 28 at 7pm.

There will be a ‘Waiting List’ option for ASAs that fill up. Students can choose to be added to a waiting list or select a different activity for that day and time. If you choose to be added to the Waiting List this will count as one of your two choices for day 1 of registration. From Wednesday, January 27 after 7pm, if you choose to stay on a waiting list, you cannot select another activity for that date/time. Activity waiting lists will be looked at to decide if more sessions of any single activity need to be added.  Students will be taken off the waiting list and added to the actual activity if spaces become available.

We strongly recommend that you login to PowerSchool BEFORE registration opens to test your PowerSchool login.

Keep in mind that a few details could change by Tuesday, so we recommend checking the link again before registration opens on Tuesday night. In the meantime, we recommend that you review the packet with your child so that you know what activities your child wants to register for next week.

ISY Facilities Reminders

The ISY facilities use has been going really well for these past few weeks.  It’s been so nice to see parents and students on campus to swim, workout and just play in general.  As always, mask wearing is mandatory at all times and social distancing is required.  In addition, please keep group sizes to six people or less.

Evidence shows that COVID can pass from person to person while eating and speaking in close proximity.  It is for this reason that we cannot allow visitors to bring food on campus currently.  Facility users are asked to refrain from eating on campus during their visits.  

When coming onto campus in the afternoons and on weekends, elementary school students must be accompanied by a parent or adult supervisor at all times.  Parents may accompany Elementary School students into the pool area but must keep their masks on and socially distance using the available seating in the pool area.  In addition, any parent who wishes to accompany their child to the pool must be registered in the reservation system.  Since there are only 4 lanes available in the pool at one time, parents who are just monitoring their children should reserve a general outdoor/playground space, not a pool lane.

Facility Reservation Form

HIIT Classes for the ISY Community

High Intensity Interval Training Classes (HIIT) for the ISY Community will started up again this week.  Please join us online each Friday at 7am for a great community workout. If you are interested in joining this free, 30-minute, all-abilities class please send me an email at and I will share the link with you.

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