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Athletics & Activities Blog – September 11

Virtual ASA Update

Over the course of the past week, we put together a set of virtual After School Activities to share with the community.  These activities include many Service Learning opportunities, some academic-focused clubs, and a wide array of movement-based ASAs.

Over the course of the past few months, we have discovered that many of our SL programs and academic offerings work quite well in the virtual world, while others – like our athletics and movement offerings – needed to be updated in order to work online. The PE department spent some time this week developing a new set of ASAs just for this purpose.

*While the list is not quite complete, students can look forward to:

  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Basketball Drills/Dribbling
  • Jump Rope Skills and Challenges
  • Juggling
  • Hula Hoop Activities
  • Ping Pong Targets
  • Wall Handball
  • Backyard Cricket
  • Cup Stacking
  • Weight/Gym Training
  • Darts
  • Trampoline Skills
  • Modified Warm-Up Stretches and Muscular Activities
  • Golf Putting Skills
  • Home Obstacle Course Challenges

Again, we are still working on finalizing our offerings, but at this time, the returning Service Learning programs will include:

  • Community Action
  • Doh Eain
  • Eco Schools
  • Girl Up
  • Global
  • High School UWS Club
  • HS Community Kitchen
  • HS Micro Loans
  • Chinthe ROAR
  • Photo Club
  • Yangon Animal Shelter
  • Diversity Identity Alliance (DIA)
  • Computer Science Club
  • Youth Action Aid

Registration will begin within the next week and Session 1 ASAs (4-weeks) will officially begin on September 21st.

*Please keep in mind that not all activities will be available for all grades/ages and in some cases, specific equipment will be necessary for participation.

Dryland Practice for the ISY Swim Team Begins Again!

Coaches Moe, Win, and Kyaw started dryland swimming sessions with students in grades 1-12 again this week.  ISY swim coaches were able to offer this program last spring and then continued to offer some swimming drills over the summer, and even hosted swim team practice in the ISY pool during the month of July.

While we would love to be able to get back into the pool again soon, dryland training is a great way for swimmers to see their friends and build strength that directly related to swimming until we can get back in the water.

The session times are as follows.  If you would like the Zoom links for these sessions, please email me directly at

Starting Wednesday, September 9:
Duration 40 mins
Start Time: 3pm
Starting Thursday, September 10:
Tuesday / Thursday
Duration 30 mins
Start Time: 2pm
In addition, if you have a pool that you use on a regular basis for lap swimming, our ISY coaches are happy to put together workouts for you!  Please send me an email so I can share the week’s workouts with you.

Mother Tongue Spanish Language Classes Offered Online

As part of ISY’s Mother Tongue program, the Yangon Spanish School is offering its Spanish classes online for this session.  Classes will be taught using the Gotomeeting platform and are facilitated by instructors who are professional teachers and native speakers.  Children ages 9 & up are welcome to participate in online classes.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Spanish Language Mother Tongue program, contact Oriol Mayol at  

 Please include the following information in your email:

  • Age of child
  • Level of Spanish (a placement test can be done)
  • If your child is returning to the program from last year
  • Days and times of availability each week

 Instructors will create small groups or set up private lessons based on the level of interest from ISY families.

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