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Athletics Blog – January 6

Happy New Year and Welcome 2020!

ISY is back in session after what was hopefully a restful and wonderful break for all!  Here in the Athletics/Activities office we are preparing to send teams to 11 destinations over the next eight weeks! From SEASAC Math, Art and MUN festivals, to AMIS Choir, STEM Robotics and numerous SEASAC sports tournaments, our student-athletes are quickly preparing for the busy weeks ahead.

SEASAC tournaments, practice and game schedules for each season can always be found on our website at:

MS Soccer Begins This Week

MS Soccer begins Wednesday, January 8th!  The following information went out to all MS athletes before winter break.  A reminder email with the complete game schedule was sent today.
If you plan to play boys or girls MS soccer for ISY – AND YOU HAVE NOT YET DONE SO – please take a quick moment to register:
Updated Practice Schedule – starting this week:
3:15-4:15pm – girls
4:15-5:15pm – boys
Fridays (note later start time due to ES ASA on field)
3:45-4:45pm – girls
4:45-5:45pm boys
Tentative Game Schedule:
  • Friday, January 17 vs YIS – Boys & Girls A teams
  • Wednesday, January 22 @ ILBC – Boys & Girls A & B teams
  • Wednesday, February 5 vs ISM – Boys & Girls A teams
  • Friday, February 14 @ ISM – Boys & Girls A & B teams
  • Wednesday, February 19 vs ILBC – Boys & Girls A teams
  • Date TBD @ YIS – Boys & Girls A & B teams
  • Saturday, March 14 B Team Tournament @ ISM
  • Saturday, March 21 YAC Championships @ ILBC (South Dagon Field)
Boys’ coaches will be Mr. Albert Stages and Mr. Ian Johnson.  Girls’ coaches will be Mr. Nick Sturmey and Ms. Amy Htun.  They are copied on this email in case you have questions.

Athletics This Week

We are going to ease into the New Year this week:

  • Thursday, January 9 @ 4pm – HS Boys & Girls Basksetball host ILBC – Varsity Only
  • Friday, January 10th @ 4pm – ES Developmental Swim Competition @ BSY
  • Saturday, January 11th @ 12pm – ISY Swim Team @ BSY for the Annual Dual in the Pool Swim Competition, for qualified swimmers in grades 1-12

Gym Acoustics Project

Over the winter break, an acoustics project was started in the gyms to help improve the sound quality and dampen the noise on both courts.  In order to complete the project, we will close one side of the gym at a time over the next two-to-three weeks.  Once court #1 is complete, court #2 will be started.  Basketball practices/games, PE classes, and ASA schedules will be modified to enable this project to be completed in a timely manner.

Fitness Room Access

Starting this week, the doors from the main gym into the fitness room will no longer be used as a fitness room entrance.  All passholders who are not part of a PE class will need to use the side entrance to access the fitness room.

Please keep the following rules in mind when accessing the facility:

The fitness room is open 24 hours a day to anyone with an ID card that has been approved for fitness room use. To get your ID card updated you need to print out and sign the waiver form and bring it to the security office for the attention of John Whalen. Once approved your card will be updated and you can use it to enter the fitness room.

Please note that Monday-Friday from 7:30am-4:00pm the fitness room is open to staff and students only.

The Fitness Room will remain open 24-hours a day during school holidays. The fitness room will be closed on all national holidays when the school is closed.

ISY Parents & Alumni:
Monday – Friday: CLOSED 7:30 AM – 4:00PM
Saturday and Sunday: OPEN 24 Hours

High School Students:
Open 24-Hours/Day

Middle School Students:
Middle School students may only enter the fitness room when accompanied by a parent, during parent hours.

Elementary School Students:
Elementary School students are not permitted to enter the fitness room at any time.

All are encouraged to use the facilities in pairs to avoid injury.


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