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A bit of boredom is not a bad thing.

Mike Simpson, Elementary School Principal

October 15, 2021

Next week we celebrate Thadingyut and have a break from classes. This is a well deserved break for our students who have really impressed us with their engagement and participation. It is also a time for them to rest and refresh their minds from the structure and schedule of school.

It is good for young people to have a break from schedules and structured activities – even if they say they are bored from time to time. 

My 7-year-old and 13-year-old will often tell me they are bored on the weekend or during a break from school. I try to keep them occupied as best as I can but I would also like a break to rest and refresh my own mind! So I was very happy to stumble upon this article that boredom isn’t a bad thing for kids

Of course, being bored all the time is not good but occasional boredom can stimulate creativity, nurture self-control and problem solving skills, and foster independence. Now when my son says that he is bored as soon as we come home from playing tennis together, I might say ‘you’re welcome’ and make myself a cup of coffee!

I hope you and your children all have a chance to rest and refresh your minds next week. We look forward to seeing your children back online with us on Monday, October 25.


Goal Setting with Your Child: A Skill for Life

It seems hardly possible for us to be at the end of the first quarter already and yet we are here.  Students have done an amazing job staying focused and engaged during this extended time away from campus.  At the start of a new quarter, it can be helpful to set goals for the coming weeks.  Goal setting is an integral social and emotional skill that helps students plan for desired outcomes in many areas of their lives.  Helping your child craft a personal goal not only helps them create a vision of a desired outcome but also supports perseverance and follow through.

  • Allow your child to determine the goal.  As parents we are motivated to push our children but research indicates that when a person sets their own goal, they are much more intrinsically motivated, thus more successful.
  • Help your child brainstorm a list of goals and determine the most appropriate goal or goals.  A goal that is challenging yet achievable.  Specific and measurable are more likely to be successful.
  • State goals in positive terms.  Replace the terms such as “I will not” to “I will.”
  • Track progress and celebrate along the way.  Have a system in place to monitor progress.  Encourage your child with positive comments not material rewards.  A supportive word or special time with mom or dad are generally more motivating than a new toy or gift.

Goal setting is a life-long skill. Supporting your child to develop this skill will help instill a “can-do” attitude and nurture your child’s self-esteem.

If you have any questions or are seeking support for your child, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Patty at

Patty Amundson-Geisel

Pre-K to Grade 6 Counselor

Quarter 1 Progress Reports & Conferences

On Friday, October 29, you will receive a written Progress Report on your child(ren)’s progress at the end of Quarter 1.

This Progress Report will provide a focus for our first set of Parent-Teacher Conferences which will be held on Wednesday, November 3. More details about how to schedule a time for a conference will follow in a later email and blog post. There will be no classes on this day.

Internet Issues

Offline Learning Activities

Every Friday, your child’s homeroom teacher will email you a PDF of offline learning activities that your child will be able to do if they lose access to the internet. 

Please only use these plans if your child is unable to access the internet. If you have the internet, your child will be able to attend online classes as usual. 

To make sure the offline learning activities stay connected to what is happening in class, our teachers will review and, if necessary, update the offline learning activities each week. Please download the PDF document attached to the email as soon as you receive it on Friday. The email will also have a link to this instructional video:

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