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Elementary Update – December 6th

Sandy Sheppard, Elementary School Principal

Dear all,

I hope to see you all tomorrow at our annual Sports-a-thon to raise money for the United World Schools project. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the project and have some family fun.

The holiday season is upon us here at ISY and next week we have many festive celebrations happening. The big event is our annual Winter Concert, we hope to see you all there.

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Don’t forget to bring the items for the December Christmas Baskets. The collection is extended to December the 11th.

Ms Sheppard


New Trampoline Fun

The new trampolines have been installed in the playground. These were part of the design feature that our students wanted in their playground. We have been learning all about appropriate use of the new trampolines this week. Please note the trampolines will be closed after school and on weekends.


Please check the lost and found, all items still left before the winter break will be donated to a worthy cause.


The use of smart watches by students at school is very distracting in the classroom. These types of watches along with mobile phones should be kept in school bags. Please also note that we cannot be held responsibility for any lost items should  you choose to have your child bring such a device to school.


The concert will be on the 11th of December. This year’s theme will be Myanmar poems set to music and performed by Grades 1-5. The children need to be at school for 5:30 pm.


Come along and join the fun on Saturday, December 7th. Students are raising money for the United World Schools Project.


Visiting Author

The students have enjoyed having our visiting author at school this week.

Christmas Market

The Christmas Market held by Pre K, KG and Grade 1 on Thursday was a huge success. Thank you parents for your support.

The students made christmas themed items to sell. The students raised almost 1000 dollars, the money raised was donated to the United World Schools project.


7th December – UWS Sports-a-thon -Fundraising Event

11th December – Winter Concert (Grade 1-5 only) 5:30 – 7:00 in front of A Building

13th December – Last day before Winter Break

6th January – 1st day of school after Winter Break

10th January – Community coffee morning 7:45 to 8:45 AM



Reminder to Families withdrawing from ISY 
Please notify the Admissions Office ( if your family will be withdrawing from ISY during the school year or in December. The admissions office will then communicate the procedure for you to receive official school records.


Buddy Benches

The buddy benches have made their way on to our playground. Thank you to the Compassion Club for making this happen.

Concert Reminders and Information

G1-G5 Concert Date and Time: December 11th 6:00pm-7:00pm

**This performance is a part of each student’s music requirement and it is important that they participate.

Who Can Come?:

All are welcome to enjoy the music.  Please come support your children by listening to their beautiful music.  Cousins, grandparents, friends…all are welcome!


Students must arrive at school by 5:30pm and go to their classrooms.
Students should be dressed in their concert dress (see below) and be fully ready when they arrive.
Students will remain with their class for the duration of the concert.  All students join together in the last song. Please discuss with your teacher where and how to collect your child at the conclusion of the concert.


This year’s concert theme is Myanmar Poems.  In line with that theme we are giving students the option to  wear traditional Myanmar dress. This may be of any color or ethic group.

A few thoughts:

Tying the baso for boys can sometimes be difficult.  There are solutions. Sometimes the tie will be sown together and elastic is used to hold the baso in place.  Sometimes safety pins or a belt help.
It is suggested under the baso to have shorts on in case it unties.
If only part of the traditional dress works for your child, you can pair it with option 2 suggestions.
Shoes: Formal shoes with minimal heel.


Students are asked to wear solid white and black with minimal designs on the clothing.  Clothes should help the student to look their best. As stated at the beginning of school, ISY concert dress is: plain white on the top and plain black on the bottom.

No shorts
Collared white shirt preferred
Ties are okay if dark colors

No shorts
Dresses and skirts are okay if they are solid colors with white on the top and black on the bottom.
No short skirts
Pants are okay
Shoes: Formal shoes with minimal heel.

Thanks,   Ms. Bekka

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