Celebrating Cultural Diversity
Holocaust Remembrance Day
ISY was invited to join WW2 holocaust survivor, Marianne Soher, as she recounted her experiences. This was part of International Holocaust Remembrance Day where there is a tradition of recounting experiences ‘in the living room’. 
The below video was a zoom call attended by parents, teachers and students.  It was organized by a new family at ISY attached to the Israeli embassy.  Ms. Soher’s story is not one of revenge or hate but one of compassion and joy very much reflecting the values at ISY.    For those of you interested in learning more about this event in history, the ISY head librarian, Ms. Schubert, has put together this list of resources.

The video starts a little way in. Initially, she talks about their escape from Paris ending up in a small village in Southern France.

Marianne Soher