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‘I Hate Shakespeare’ by ISY High School Drama Students

Posted by the ISY Communications Team

March 19,  2019

As well as the major yearly production, ISY puts on a number of shorter performances throughout the year.  At th end of the 2018-19 school year, High School students put on a performance of ‘I Hate Shakespeare’, a play by Steph DeFerie.

The play itself is about someone who, unsurprisingly from the name of the play, is not a big fan of the Bard.  What then follows is an explanation of a load of Shakespeare plays in very short form which attempts to bring the detractor around.  It’s got zombies in it! 

ISY has a playlist for the drama department on YouTube and you can see this play below. 

I Hate Shakespeare!

by Steph DeFerie
performed by ISY High School Drama