Secondary Principal’s Blog

IB Program Success

Christina Powers, Secondary School Principal

As we just finished the 2019 college fair, and a number of our seniors are preparing their college applications I wanted to remind everyone of our ongoing success.

I am proud to celebrate the class of 2019’s IB results. Once again The International School Yangon surpasses the world average. The graduating class of 2019 obtained an average score of 32, compared to the world average of 29. This is particularly impressive when considering that ISY is a fully inclusive school and believes that all students can be successful in the IB program, compared to most schools who carefully select which students are permitted to participate in the IB Diploma Program. ISY truly embraces the inclusive philosophy from kindergarten all the way through graduation. You can view our results over the past three years on our high school profile, which is available on our website or via this link (High School Profile). The IB diploma program is known for not only being recognized worldwide by leading universities’ for its academic rigor, but is also a program that reflects our school mission and vision. The high esteem in which major universities around the world hold ISY and our IB Diploma program is evident by the list of colleges and universities on the high school profile showing where our graduates have been accepted. It should also be mentioned ISY was recently re-authorized by the IB to offer the Diploma program for another five years. Following the evaluation process leading to this re-authorization, the IB highlighted a number of commendations for ISY, including

  • The governing body, administrative and pedagogical leadership are commended for demonstrating a wide understanding of and commitment to the approaches to teaching and learning.
  • The school is commended for creating and supporting an environment that allows teachers to explore the connections and relations between subjects in order to reinforce knowledge, understanding and skills shared by the different disciplines.
  • The school is to be commended for ensuring the ongoing updating of all the facilities allocated to the Diploma Programme.