The ISY 65K Challenge!

Posted by the ISY Communications Team

15 January 2021 

To celebrate ISY’s 65 years, and as part of an Creativity, Activity and Service project, three ISY students have decided to start a project with the goal of moving 65,000 kilometers, as a community, this year.

Examples of moving are jogging, walking, biking, swimming, rowing, and any other movement of distance. We are reaching out to all of the ISY community where ever we are in the world. This would include: students, teachers, parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, staff members, and anyone interested in participating in our project. All the participants will be asked, is to make a contribution with all of the money raised to be donated directly to United World Schools. Please note that the 65K group is not a part of the UWS Club, but all revenue will go to the United World Schools.

Families or groups can sign up under one name and email, recording their kilometers together, with a suggested 65,000 MMK contribution. While individuals students who would like to participate are able to sign up with only 6,500 MMK. Weekly participants will be sent a google form to their email and asked to record their progress. Our role is to send out updates on our community progress with words of encouragement. As every kilometer counts, even a 2 km evening stroll can make all of the difference.

With your support we can encourage each other to move forward together, demonstrating the ISY spirit in every pedal, length, or step along the way. Many teachers and students have already begun this journey and we invite you to build towards the health of our community one kilometer at a time.

If you would like to participate, please sign up HERE.

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