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Elementary Update – March 26th, 2020

Sandy Sheppard, Elementary School Principal

Dear all,

I hope your week of virtual learning has gone well in your household. Please let us know through the surveys sent home if there is anything we can do to support further.

This weekend is a long weekend, so there will be no virtual learning slides for Friday or Monday. You will receive slides for Tuesday, this is the day we start back with our learning. Take a well earned break and enjoy some family time.

Wherever you are we are thinking of you all. We miss our students so much.

Take care

Sandy Sheppard

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As a reminder, everyday, class work will be posted by 4pm by the Elementary school teachers and I encourage you to get into a new routine of checking in on the classwork everyday with your children.  In times like this, it’s important to establish a new routine quickly to minimise any interruption in studies.  The CDC offers some good advice see here.


Our staff participating in Virtual Learning planning today. Empty classrooms, but learning still happening. Send me a picture of your child Virtual Learning and I will put as many as I can in the upcoming blogs.


Remember – there is no Virtual Learning tomorrow or Monday.

13th – 17th April – no school

23rd April – Progress Messages will be sent out via Seesaw.

24th April – No Virtual Learning – this day is set for an opportunity for parents to talk to teachers – more information to come


Principal –

Counselor –

Office –


This week I sent a short survey to students Grades 2-5 called the Counselor’s Check-in.  The Check-in is an opportunity for your child to provide insight into how they are doing emotionally and seek my support for me, if they wish.  A Counselor’s Check-In survey will be sent to PreK-1 parents as well very soon.
I have put together some tips for identifying and helping your child with stress and anxiety.  It can be found here.
I am happy to support you and your family with any questions or concerns.  You may contact me through email at
Stay healthy, Ms. Patty

Virtual Learning

Please feel free to send in virtual learning photos that I can put in this blog. See Samy from Grade 1 working hard below and Franco from KG who is doing yoga and acts of kindness. Good work boys!

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Next week will be our last full week of school. There will be slides up until Thursday. On Friday the 5th of June there will be no slides, the teams will have conferencing type activities planned, they will communicate these to you. Report cards will go home on Thursday the 4th of June.

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Thank you to all those who attended the parent meeting last night hosted by Dr Hedger. There is a lot of planning going on at the moment and as mentioned later in June you will be able to view more information on what the new school year might look like.

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Another week of virtual learning fun and experiences is over. We love keeping the learning connections with our students. Our teachers are working very hard to ensure that your children have access to the best learning virtually that we can possibly give them.