Strategic themes

Culture & Diversity

Celebrating Culture and Diversity

Theme Statement: The families of ISY constitute a wide variety of nationalities and cultures. We will Celebrate Culture and Diversity at ISY. In particular, we will promote greater awareness of our host country culture and expand host country language programs.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Explore opportunities to recognize and celebrate the variety of cultures at ISY.
  2. Develop a Pk – 12 articulated program where students learn about our host culture / history / arts.
  3. Develop a Myanmar language program option for both native and non-native speakers across all grades.
  4. Recognize and celebrate major Myanmar traditions and holidays.
  5. Capitalize on the cultural diversity of ISY through marketing. 


  1. A Myanmar language program has been developed beyond the IBDP program within five years.
  2. A Pk-12 Myanmar studies program is in place within five years.
  3. A school survey indicates students and families feel their individual culture is appreciated within three years.
  4. An annual branding survey recognizes ISY as a culturally diverse community within three years.