Strategic themes

Environmental Consciousness

Environmental Consciousness

Theme Statement: ISY will support the global sustainable development goals (SDGs) by developing Environmental Consciousness through programs, policies and procedures, including a “greener” campus.

Strategic Objectives

1. Develop a common definition and understanding of Environmental Consciousness in the ISY community.

2. Strive to become Carbon Neutral school.

3. Incorporate Environmental Consciousness into facility planning and capital project.

4. Create a school environment where principles of EC are visible and apparent.

5. Develop a culture of resource conservation and waste reduction.

6. Develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with community partners.

7. Enhance ways for Environmental Consciousness principles to be incorporated into the academic, service learning and ASA programs.


1. Within a year, conduct an analysis on ways to reduce carbon consumption and waste.

2. Within two years, reduce net carbon and waste consumption every year by an amount to be determined by the carbon analysis.

3. Within a year, develop a standing committees for staff and students for EC.

4. Within three years, identify an established external evaluation body to report on ISY progress based on certification program / criteria.