Strategic themes



Theme Statement: ISY is committed to addressing the individual learning of each student. A program of Inclusion will ensure differentiated instruction for all of our students, de-emphasizing the need for additional tutoring.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Create an ISY culture in which individual learning styles are valued and regularly celebrated.
  2. Review admissions procedures and communication to reflect ISY’s approach to inclusive practices.
  3. Develop an understanding among faculty that intervention is not a program but a collaborative approach to enhancing student growth.
  4. Implement a multi-tiered response to intervention that is consistent across divisions.
  5. Develop school-wide instructional strategies and resources to ensure growth for all students.
  6. Implement school wide data management system for Response To Intervention (RTI) including data collected, measurements, and communication protocols.
  7. Enhance understanding within the community about inclusion and differentiation, including the role of homework and tutoring in a differentiated learning environment. 



  1. Within three years, an audit of the data management system shows that information flow supports inclusion.
  2. Within two years, a community wide survey indicates an understanding of inclusion and differentiation.
  3. Within four years, a comparative analysis of student interviews indicates positive changes in attitude toward individual learning styles and academic growth.
  4. Within three years, an external evaluation indicates that instructional practices and interventions support inclusion.