Strategic themes



Theme Statement: We will promote the brand, reputation, and strategic objectives of ISY by developing Marketing strategies that include an inviting approach to admissions, community engagement, and an overall marketing plan.

Strategic Objectives

1. Ensure there is an annual flow of donated funds to support the school’s goals and programs.

2. Develop a respectful and professional admissions process that reflects our guiding statements.

3. Develop a strategy to more actively engage the Association / Parent Association (PA) / Alumni / larger community with the new ISY brand.

4. Develop a reputation inline with our strategic themes reflecting our brand / guiding statements.


1. Donations, inclusive of time, funds, or in-kind, from a variety of sources are generated annually to support ISY programs within five years.

2. A best practices percentage of applicants indicate satisfaction with their customer journey through admissions within two years.

3. A climate survey indicates the internal community (PA / Association / Alumni / faculty / staff) feels heard, included, and valued and actively participates in the ISY community within three years.

4. A brand survey shows that ISY has the leading market share with a reputation aligned with its strategic themes.