Secondary Principal’s Blog

December 3, 2021, Update

Christina Powers, Secondary School Principal

As we begin to prepare for the holiday, you may find that your child/children have an increase in assessments and projects that are due. At ISY we believe that the holiday is a time for families to reconnect and spend time together. It is for this reason we try and complete topics/projects before the holiday time. In addition, teachers will not be assigning projects or tasks to be completed over the holiday. IB students may be provided with material to review, but new topics will not be required to be learned over the holiday season.  If you have questions about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher for guidance.

Weekly Counselor Newsletter

Please see the counselor’s Weekly Newsletter which contains resources from how to deal with stress to University acceptances. 

Students Helping Students

ISY’s Service Learning Group “Pay It Forward”
is offering Homework Help for
those who are interested.
From a survey that we sent out a few weeks ago,
there were many students who indicated an interest in joining Homework Breakout Rooms after school.
Last week we had a great turnout.
Come join this group for support and guidance.