Secondary Principal’s Blog
June 11, 2021, Update
Christina Powers, Secondary School Principal

A Year Like No Other

We started this past year saying that “the 2020-2021 school year would be a year like no other,” which has proven to indeed be true. We have had to shift, adapt, and maneuver as new information and circumstances presented themselves throughout this school year. Just when we thought we had things heading in a comfortable direction, life threw us a curveball.  However, despite it all, the ISY community continued to work together to ensure that our students, your children, were front and center of all of our decisions and directions.  ISY’s teachers could not have maintained their energy and efforts without the ongoing support of our parents. As we wrap up the school year, I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You for all the little things you have done. Your kind words of encouragement provided our staff the fuel necessary to persevere.  ISY continues to hold true to the tradition of marching forward as a strong supportive community.  When I arrived at ISY, I was told that it was a special school filled with pride, strong community, and commitment. This past year has demonstrated that all of these things are indeed true.  Thank you to all our community members for your support, encouragement, and faith in ISY.

As we move into the summer I want to remind all of those who are moving to new locations of the importance of taking time to say goodbye. Taking the time to say goodbye “gives us a sense of closure as we move into the next phases of our lives” Make sure to take the time to appreciate all the positive aspects of your time in Myanmar and the friends you have made along the way.  Most importantly always remember that once a Chinthe always a Chinthe

Quarter 4 Report Cards

Students’ report cards will be made available through PowerSchool on June 15th in the afternoon. Please take a moment to review your child’s reportcard and engage in meaningful discussions regarding their progress.  You will note that the last quarter of the school year does not entail any comments. This is done intentionally as there is no time left in the year to make improvements. Grade 11 students as they are in a two-year program will have comments for their report.  It is without a doubt that this quarter has been difficult for our students as they brave the uncertain times.  If you have questions about the report, please contact the classroom teacher. Teachers will be available on Wednesday, June 16th to answer any questions. After June 16th many teachers will be traveling and may not be available to respond.

Assemblies and Events this Upcoming Week

  • Classes continue on Monday and Tuesday 

  • Grade 8 Moving on Ceremony– Will take place on June 15th at 7:00 PM MMT – zoom link will be sent on Monday. 

  • Reports will be available on June 15, 2021, in the afternoon on PowerSchool. If you have questions about your child’s grade please contact the classroom teacher by Wednesday, June 16th as this is their final day of school before the holiday.

  • The Last Day of School is Wednesday, June 16, 2021
    • High School will have a farewell assembly at 9:00- zoom link will be sent to students on Tuesday.
    • Middle School will have a farewell assembly at 9:30- zoom link will be sent to students on Tuesday.