Secondary Principal’s Blog

March 5, 2021, Update

Christina Powers, Secondary School Principal

Transitional Days

The optional transitional day schedule details will be shared through emails on Sunday evening. Please check your email on Sunday for next week’s transition day updates. 

Grade 12 Information session; Wednesday at 5:30 PM 


  • Share updated information from the IBO on how grades will be calculated
  • Answer questions

Zoom link will be sent next week.


High School Town Hall Guest

This past week the high school had the opportunity, through zoom, to talk with Amal Al-Muftah who shared her experiences of using film to communicate a specific message in a culture of oppression and legal constraints. She shared her techniques and strategies of how she used film and technology to promote understanding while protecting and defending human rights.  Amal did an outstanding job of sharing how she started and techniques she learned along the way.

“Start small, get started, and simply go for it, be creative. The more personal the story you tell the greater the impact” 

Amal Al-Muftah is a Qatari filmmaker and has been called the ‘the rising star of Qatari cinema’.  In high school, Amal discovered a fascination with filmmaking as a form of storytelling. During this period, she directed and shot an award-winning documentary ‘Al-Hamali’ (2014) and her first short film ‘Al-Kora’ (2014). Amal has directed two award-winning films’ Smicha’ and ‘Sh’hab’ amongst other films and documentaries. Her body of work is inspired by the rich history and culture of the region. She is a strong advocate for more women to engage in the film industry and visual productions.