Secondary Principal’s Blog
May 21, 2021, Update
Christina Powers, Secondary School Principal

The Final Few Weeks of School

We are entering the final few weeks of school and our students continue to be engaged and learning. If you will be traveling during the next few weeks, please communicate with your child’s teacher so that we can accommodate any special circumstances due to travel.

Wednesdays Compassion Session

Joining us from the U.K. this past Wednesday was the founder of Empathy Action, Ben Solanky. Ben is an amazing, caring, and inspirational speaker who partnered with ISY’s Compassion Summit team to create a meaningful, fun, and impactful event for all of our High School Students. Part of the fun included the creation of our word cloud and a Compassion “Truth or Dare” game show! Our Compassion Team reminded us of the value and importance of self-care. Self Care is a form of compassion. It is important to take the time and pause. 

At the end of the workshop, the team dared the ISY community to take action on any one of the “Dares” listed below. Truth and Dare was a fun way to hear from staff and students on ways they have been compassionate as well as received compassion and how it has impacted them.


  1. Make a random act of compassion to someone you barely know.
  2. Make food & donate it to someone who is in need.
  3. Write a handwritten note to someone who has shown you compassion.
  4. Volunteer with one of the school’s charities, or a charity of your choosing.
  5. Pick up litter in your area for at least 2 hours (could happen over a couple of days).
  6. Donate a day’s non-essential monies (sweets, activities, beverages) to a charity or person in need.
Learning Journey for Middle School Students

Week of May 26th 

  • Students practice sharing their learning journey. 

Week of June 2nd

  • Learning Journey Celebration- students will share their learning journey and experiences. This will be a great opportunity to reflect and learn from others.