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The Latest News from UWS – Wan Kaung Support Group

This post was created by Sammy (Class of 2022), Bridget (Class of 2023), Harry L. (Class of 2023), Kaily (Class of 2023), Su Pwint (Class 2023), Cindy (Class of 2024).

Update from Wan Kaung Village

by Sammy (2022)

In light of recent events, we have received an update that the Wan Kaung School, along with all other UWS community schools in Myanmar, remain temporarily closed. During this time, the safety of community members remains the foremost priority. However, the UWS team continues to support the Wan Kaung community. Both the school and its development programs will re-commence when it is safe to do so. 

The UWS Myanmar in-country director, Dr. Kay Khaing Win, has communicated an uplifting message for all of our efforts: 

“If there is such a thing as miracles, then the support our children receive from UWS partner schools is one. Without your support, our students would not have better opportunities and a future that breaks the cycle of poverty in a community. When you teach your students the power of global citizenship, you are showing young people that they can lead change in the world. We promise to work hard here in Myanmar and we hope that the children in your schools are safe, well and learning.”

We hope that UWS Wan Kaung students will be able to return to their school soon, and look forward to continuing our support for our partner school in the best way we can. Our annual Family Fun Night community event has been postponed for now, but you can help support our partner school through the Sponsor a Student Program, purchasing ISY-UWS masks, and supporting upcoming initiatives from the ISY UWS club. Stay tuned for more updates!


For UWS fundraising, the ISY Community has made the commitment to raise $10,000 per year for 10 years, to support the educational needs of the Wan Kaung children. This money will cover school supplies, local teacher salary, building maintenance, handwashing stations, and other essential needs. Please consider making a donation in one of the following ways.

United World Schools 2020-21 Fundraising Goal and Status.

We can do it!

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Sponsor-a-student Program

by Cindy (2024)

One of the ways the UWS-Wan Kaung Group is fundraising to meet the annual $10,000 goal is by continuing the Sponsor-a-Student Program. This program allows donors to sponsor the education of a student in Wan Kaung Village for a month at the cost of only $10 USD (15,000 MMK) or $125 (180,000MMK) for a year. This sponsorship can be done through the ISY Business Office or the ISY Online Ordering System on Powerschool. Please contact Mr. Todd Davis (ISY Service Learning Coordinator) todavis@isyedu.org if you have any questions about how to make a donation.

Education officers are retraining community leaders and students are learning at home with lesson packs. We will continue to work as closely as we can with the Wan Kaung School to ensure that no child is left behind.

UWS Masks

by Su Pwint (2023) and Kaily (2023)

In addition, with the Covid situation, the UWS is selling high quality embroidered cotton masks to raise funds for Wan Kaung Village. These masks are designed by Sherlyn (Class of 2023), and comes in all sizes (S,M,L). The cost per mask is 2,000 MMK and can be bought at the school’s Spirit Store or through the ISY Online Ordering System on Powerschool

To support students in the Wan Kaung Village, the UWS group is organizing more future events. Stay tuned and check emails to see further information for the upcoming events! 

Sports-a-thon Success!

by Bridget (2023)

Sports-a-thon was held on December 12, 2020 and is one of the ways ISY students actively go together to raise money for the students in our partnerschool at Wan Kaung. In the past, Sports-a-thon was on the ISY campus with students doing everything from running 100 laps around the school field to trying to make 20 basketball free throws with their relatives, friends, teachers, etc. sponsoring them to help raise money for the cause. 

This year was a little different. The UWS-Wan Kaung Group held the annual Sports-a-thon virtually for the first time. Along with this change, there were many challenges including how to continue the spirit of a physically active event online. After a lot of hard work from the UWS students, the enthusiastic participants and the helpful school community, we successfully raised $5,456! Check-out this short video that shares some highlights from this event.

We have a winner! MAHIKA!

As members of the UWS club in Myanmar, we were thrilled to hear that the UWS organization had been recognized by UNESCO for our efforts to provide education for non-Burmese speaking children living in remote areas of Myanmar. On September 1, 2020, UWS was announced a winner of the 2020 King Sejong Literacy Prize by the Director-General of UNESCO. The prize consists of a sum of $20,000 USD along with a silver medal and a certificate. 

UWS’s Myanmar Country Director, Dr. Kay, says, “We are honoured UNESCO have recognised our work in Myanmar and the tremendous impact of our locally-recruited teachers. Thanks to them, thousands of children who speak minority languages are able to access a quality education. We hope this prize will make them feel even more proud of the amazing work they are doing and motivate them to continue delivering mother-tongue based education.” She speaks for all of us in ISY’s UWS community. We are all highly motivated to continue fundraising for the school in Wan Kaung Village and hope to see many things accomplished this year despite the current challenges. Keep up the good work UWS!

UWS Ambassador Program

by Harry L. (2023)

Our student ambassadors also attended a meeting on January 28th, where they were trained on how to ensure a successful awareness raising / fundraising event. They learned how to successfully make a thorough plan that considers all aspects of an event, from the goals of the event, the budget and the marketing. A key step was also evaluation and reflection, as reflecting on what went well and what didn’t during our events will help lead to more successful events in the future. This meeting was definitely helpful to our student ambassadors, and they will no doubt use that training to bring you all more exciting and fun events in the future

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