Food Services

ISY has a number of food providers on campus to cater for a wide range of tastes.

Food Services

ISY operates a cashless system as well as having the opporttunity to pay directly in cash.  The system works through the ID cards and bracelets. Students and community members simply need to register their cards in the tech office, top up their cards with money using PowerSchool. Then they can use their ID cards and bracelets to buy food at school.

For information on how to top up your card see this guide.


Gusto formerly operated out of the site by the upper court but has now moved to the site next to the gym.  They have a wide range of vegetarian healthy food options to suit all tastes.


Nourish was new to ISY in 2022.  They offer exclusively vegan food which provides students with a healthy, tasty and environmentally friendly option.  They are based in the upper court just next to Building.

Nourish has created a healthy meal plan. Prices for the meal plan are Kyats 10,000 for PreK to Grade 2 and Kyats 15,000 for Grades 3 to 12.  Please also view the Nourish Ordering Procedures by clicking the button below, which includes a user guide showing you how to place an order.  We encourage all students to sign up for this Nourish healthy meal plan.

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