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Preparing students for what lies ahead in further education, the ISY High School is the perfect environment to take students to the next level.  The High School starts in Grade 9 and goes to Grade 12.  In Grades 11 and 12 students take part in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program.

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Principal’s Introduction

Welcome to ISY. Our aim is to provide an outstanding international education, which inspires students and prepares them to be successful and responsible global citizens.

The High School program at ISY offers a college preparatory curriculum, which culminates with the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Grades 11 and 12. Students graduate with an ISY High School Diploma as well as an International Baccalaureate Diploma, thus allowing them to be competitive in applying to outstanding colleges and universities worldwide.

The International School Yangon provides a supportive environment where persistent academic and personal growth is celebrated. We embrace the whole child; creativity, compassion and sportsmanship is celebrated and supported by after school activities, class trips, and service learning opportunities. Through academics, fine arts, sports, MUN and service learning, the High School experience aims to offer students the opportunity to find their passions. We are committed to developing our students’ co-curricular talents as well as their academics.

Whether you are a returning student, or simply looking at your educational options, I trust you will discover the vibrant learning community we continue to develop on our ISY campus. Our value of taking care of yourself, taking care of others, and taking care of this place is alive. Being an ISY Chinthe means developing lasting friendships and strong attachments to the ISY community. ISY is a truly welcoming community where the Chinthe pride is alive and strong.


The International School Yangon is a community of compassionate global citizens.


We aim to develop lifelong learners who will be a force for positive change in the world.

Grade 9 & 10 Academic Program
Core Academic and Electives Programs


Students in Grade 9 participate in a math class which will encompass Statistics, Geometry and Algebra, Trigonometry skills. In grade 10 there are two math options, Math Analysis and Math Applications. Students who participate in Math Analysis will be working towards obtaining skills that will allow them to be successful in any IB Math course but has a strong emphasis on IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL. The students in grade 10 who complete Math Applications will be prepared for Math Applications HL, SL and Math Applications and Interpretations SL.


The high school English program focuses on the continued development of students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, and knowledge and understanding of the English language. Particular emphasis is on developing skills in written analysis so that students depart Grade 10 equipped to write strong literary analyses, as well as effective, organized and insightful analysis in other subject areas. These efforts prepare students for the required IB Literature courses in Grades 11 and 12.

Texts read are drawn from a range of quality, thought-provoking classic and contemporary literature, poetry, drama, informational texts, and ‘media texts’ that challenge students to grow as readers and thinkers.

To view our schoolwide English Language Arts vision and aims statement, follow this link.


All Grade 9 students participate in Integrated Science, a course that is designed as a primer for students before they enter the discrete science disciplines in Grade 11. The content of Integrated Science 9 is divided into the Physical, Life, and Earth and Spaces Sciences. In Grade 10, students will take a Trimester of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology giving them a foundation and an understanding as to what they will be learning in IB Science options.

In each of the Grade 9 and 10 courses, science and engineering practices are assessed alongside science content so that students can use their understanding to investigate the natural world through the practices of science inquiry or solve meaningful problems through the practices of engineering design. Writing and research skills specific to science are also emphasized in the high school science program.

To view the science courses and topics across the high school, click here.

Social Studies

High school students participate in World Studies for two years before moving on to the discrete social studies courses of the IB program (IB History, IB Psychology, or IB Economics). In this sequence, students engage in reflective discourse where analysis of the effects of past events on the present day takes center stage. Students gain an understanding that historical events and movements did not happen in isolation, that connections among events can be observed—an understanding which enhances students’ overall conceptualization of the history of our world, the current problems it faces, and the impacts these events have on the future. Writing and research from credible sources where students argue by presenting multiple viewpoints to strengthen their own credibility are cornerstones of World Studies 9 and 10.

To view our schoolwide social studies vision and aims, follow this link.


All students in grades 9-10 participate in either World Language (French or Mandarin) or Burmese A (native, mother tongue study of Burmese) courses.

World Languages

The high school offers language study in French or Mandarin designed for students learning an additional language who do not have native fluency in the language.

Instructional emphasis is on speaking, listening, reading, and writing and learning about the culture of the target language via these skills. ISY believes that learning an additional language is integral to the development of internationally minded students who are confident, reflective, and multi-lingual communicators. Language development in more than one language advances cognitive growth, cultivates lifelong learning, and promotes cross-cultural communication.

Materials used in instruction include French or Mandarin leveled textbooks and workbooks, games, realia and visuals, video, audio, and texts/novels in the target language. Students engage in a variety of activities to foster language acquisition including role-playing, singing, and authentic, real-world projects.

Click here to view the high school world language courses.

Burmese A

Grade 9 and 10 Burmese A are designed to teach mother tongue Burmese students who have basic Burmese language abilities. The goal of these courses is to advance students’ Burmese skills and knowledge of the basic components of Burmese literature. The courses are also designed to prepare students who plan to take the IB Burmese A Diploma Course in Grades 11 and 12.

Music (this class is currently on hold)

Students in high school may take Symphonic Band or Concert Choir. In these courses, students learn to play a band instrument or vocalize and perform in a large ensemble. Students acquire fundamental technical skills, which develop over time through effort and experience. Attention is given to the development of characteristic tone and musicality.

Symphonic Band and Concert Choir are divided into four levels so that students with varying abilities and experiences in music can progress and be successful by working toward corresponding learning goals and standards.

To view the ISY Music Program Vision and Aims, click here.

Visual Arts

High School Studio Art is offered to Grade 9 and 10 students. One year in length, this course is designed to develop artistic skills that will lead to the creation of successful art, an appreciation for historical and cultural art, and the development of communication through art. The curriculum is based upon exploration and application of design/composition and drawing/painting and is intended to prepare students for the IB Visual Arts class.

Photography is also offered to high school students. This year long course incorporates both the technical and artistic aspects of photography. Students develop the ability to create compelling images through purposeful, technical, and artistic decisions.


Film study at ISY encompasses film history, analysis, and production where the goal is to expose students to a wide range of cinematic styles and approaches and to develop the ability to understand film as a complex art form, craft, and institution. Students recognize and interpret the most important elements of film and analyze the way filmmakers convey information, story, and meaning. They also examine a wide range of film styles and movements and explore the central critical approaches to the study and appreciation of film. Finally, students have the opportunity to demonstrate and apply growing cinematic understandings to create their own short films. Students who complete Film I in Grade 9, will follow an advanced course of study through Film II in Grade 10.

Physical Education

High School Physical Education in the high school emphasizes health-related fitness and the development of skills and habits necessary for a lifetime of physical activity. It provides students with opportunities to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness and increases their knowledge of fitness concepts. The program includes skill development and the application of rules and strategies of complex difficulty in the following different movement forms: (1) health-related fitness activities (cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility), (2) aerobic exercise, (3) team sports, (4) individual and dual sports, (5) outdoor pursuits, and (6) recreational games.

To view the ISY Physical Education Program Vision and Aims, click here.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness in the high school is designed to assist students in obtaining accurate information, developing lifelong positive attitudes and behaviors, and making wise decisions related to personal health. Course study includes personal and community health; physical, mental/emotional and social health; injury prevention and safety; nutrition and physical activity; drug and alcohol awareness; anatomy and physiology; and health sexuality education. Refusal skills and decision-making is woven throughout the areas of study to assist students in making healthy choices.

Computer Technology

Technology courses in the high school are offered through an online platform. Courses include a year long introduction to computer science along with an array of electives that include: Engineering Design/CAD, Game Design, Digital Arts, Audio Engineering, 3D Modeling, and 3D Animation. An ISY teacher facilitates course administration by providing assistance and guidance for students as they engage in the online learning platforms being offered.

To view the computer technology vision and aims statement, click here.

Independent Project

This year long course provides high school students with an authentic experience where learning meets creation, research, and design. Through the process of selecting a topic of focused interest and following the stages of design thinking, the Independent Project aims to develop global citizens who contribute to the welfare of the world community, respect the dignity and worth of others, and who are environmentally aware and active.

Student Support

The high school provides a coordinated approach in supporting students in the range of endeavors and experiences they encounter from Grades 9 through 12. Support programs specific to the high school include personal and academic counseling, career counseling, and advisory. The high school is also committed to supporting the individual needs of students in an academic environment. For information about inclusionary practices, procedures, and communication at ISY, please view our Inclusion Policy.


High school counselors work with students, faculty, and parents to—

  • Help create a positive school climate in which students can effectively learn;
  • Assure a coordinated team effort to address the needs of all students;
  • Ensure student access to school and community resources.

The high school counseling program provides…

  • Individual academic counseling – supporting students and families when learning issues arise
  • Individual social/emotional counseling – supporting students as they experience personal, social or mental stressors
  • Individual college/career counseling – supporting student efforts to apply to and prepare for university
  • Classroom guidance – empowering students with self-knowledge, coping strategies, and empathy and life skills
  • Academic/social planning – including transition activities, IB and longer-term planning
  • Crisis counseling – assisting and supporting families in crisis
  • Information sessions for parents – including topics such as personal safety, the grading system, university admissions, and Internet/social media use

To view the ISY Counseling Philosophy and Beliefs, click here.

Counselors may be contacted by parents, teachers, students or other community members via phone, email or by dropping-in.


The advisory program at the high school level has a two-pronged approach: to promote community-building and celebration in order to develop a positive social and learning climate, and the other, to help students reflect on their behaviors and facilitate useful discussions. The former approach is achieved through grade-level meetings hosted by student council classroom representatives and through town hall meetings. The latter is addressed in designated advisory groups consisting of a small group of students led by a faculty member. 

Grading and Reporting

The purpose of grades at ISY is to communicate student achievement of standards (learning outcomes) and the ISY Expected Schoolwide Learner Results to students, parents, school administrators, and other institutions.

The primary purpose for reporting grades is to communicate student achievement and behaviors that support learning. High school report cards document student performance at the end of each quarter and provide information regarding strengths and areas to improve. The intent of report cards at ISY is to provide a common understanding of a child’s progress and to facilitate growth.

ISY High School Grading and Reporting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Grading and Reporting in the High School

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High School Profile - IB Results

The High School Profile is mainly for further educations admissions professionals.  It contains information about the IB results and what Universities accepted students of ISY.

Inclusion Handbook

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