Learning & Technology

ISY is committed to responsible online behavior to all of our students. As such, we have become a Common Sense Media Certified School.

Common Sense Media

Learning with Technology

ISY Technology Vision and Aims

Technology at ISY is used to enhance student learning across the curriculum in purposeful and meaningful ways. It aims to support a culture of learning where teachers and students alike are adept users and implementers of digital technology where information and ideas are communicated, explored, evaluated, and created. Within this context, students engage in authentic learning experiences that facilitate local and global collaboration, creative problem solving, and the development of innovative products.

In an ever-changing digital environment, students learn fundamental tools, knowledge, and skills that are necessary for life and learning. Students build an ethical base to their use of technology through learning to advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology. [1] Through this vision, ISY students are able to think flexibly and adapt their understandings to new situations and technologies.

[1] National Educational Technology Standards for Students. Washington, D.C.: International Society for Technology in Education, 2007. Print.

ISY Beliefs About Technology Use:

  • Technology is used to support quality teaching and student engagement that helps to connect learning with relevant tasks and challenges.
  • When there is a clear focus on learning, digital tools can have a positive effect and impact on learning and teaching.
  • A critical component of a strong technology program is effective and ongoing professional teacher development.
  • Through keeping current on research in educational technology and emerging technologies, ISY is poised to have a relevant, dynamic, and adaptive technology program.
  • Students acquire computer and digital technology skills at developmentally appropriate intervals.
  • It is the responsibility of ISY to educate its community to be critical consumers of the Internet and electronic media to make informed choices.
  • It takes a community to promote a balance of screen-based media activity to ensure the healthy and social-emotional well being of students.
  • ISY should equip students with the critical thinking skills necessary to determine when and how best to use technology for communication and educational purposes.
  • The International Society for Technology Education (ISTE), through its learning outcomes, provides a foundation to guide technology learning.