ISY is a non-profit Association that is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees of up to eleven members.

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Governance at ISY


The International School Yangon (ISY) is a non-profit Association that is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees of up to eleven members. All parents and guardians of current ISY students are members of this Association. Positions on the ISY Board of Trustees are either appointed or elected, with elections taking place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in May of each year. The Board then selects from among its members a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. As a non-profit Association, all tuition and other income generated by ISY is channeled back into the operation and development of the school and its facilities.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall governance of the school. This includes articulating long-term vision, setting broad policy, safeguarding the financial integrity of the school, and protecting the school from risk. The Board also adopts the annual budget, sets tuition and fee scales, and identifies and approves major facilities improvement projects. Finally, the Board selects, hires, supports and evaluates the ISY Director, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school, the realization of the school’s mission and execution of improvement plans as directed by the Board. The Director also serves as a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees.

Standing Committees in Audit, Finance and  Governance advise and guide the Board on specific areas of focus. Each Committee is chaired by a Board member and includes among its core members the Director of the School and at least two other Board members. Depending on the nature of the topics under review, Committees may also invite parents, teachers, school administrators, and/or outside experts to participate. Committees report their findings and recommendations to the full Board of Trustees for consideration and decision. For more information, please see Standing Committee Terms of Reference below.

The ISY Board of Trustees employs a number of different channels to communicate with the wider parent community. First, all parents are encouraged to attend and observe quarterly Board meetings, and to make contributions under the standing agenda item, “Communication from Association members.” Detailed minutes of these meetings are also posted on the ISY website. In addition, the Board publishes ad-hoc announcements throughout the year through the communications office. Open presentations on topics of general interest are also held on an occasional basis, and an Annual Report is presented to the Association at the Annual General Meeting in May. Finally, the Board welcomes questions and comments from Association members and the larger community through its designated email address,, which is directed to all Board members, including the Director.


Standing Committees

Governance Committee – The purpose of this Committee is to ensure that the Board fulfills its fiduciary, legal and strategic oversight responsibilities through adequate Board governance policy development, recruitment strategies, training, monitoring and evaluation of Board activities and performance.  To learn more you can read or download the Governance Committee Terms of Reference.

Finance Committee – The purpose of this Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary, legal and strategic oversight responsibilities by ensuring that ISY has adequate financial systems and resources in places to deliver effective learning and teaching. To learn more you can read or download the Finance Committee Terms of Reference.

Audit Committee – The purpose of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary and oversight responsibilities by ensuring that the school has an annual financial audit to ensure resources are in place to deliver effective learning and teaching. To learn more you can read or download the Audit Committee Terms of Reference.


Below are the dates of the upcoming board meetings. Normally, all meetings will be held in the Learning Commons on the third floor of the SAS building starting at 6:30pm.  Some meetings may be held online.

25th September, 2023

20th November, 2023

26th February, 2024

22nd April, 2024

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
for 2023-2024 school year
13th May, 2024

Meet the Board

Environmental Policy

At the 19th November 2018 Board Meeting the following Environmental Policy was adopted:

Strategic Goal: ISY will support the global sustainable development goals (SDGs) by developing Environmental Consciousness through programs, policies and procedures, including a “greener” campus.

The Board will model environmental consciousness by implementing the following practices:

  1. Board packets and other documents will be distributed electronically whenever possible, including the meeting survey.
  2. Only documents that need an original signature will be printed and then only if electronic signatures are not possible.
  3. Board members will use reusable water bottles, cups, glasses and plates during meetings. A water cooler will be placed in the boardroom to provide access to hot and cold water. Single use utensils will also be avoided.
  4. Board members will participate in recycling after meetings, making sure that any paper or plastic goods are properly disposed.
  5. Refreshments and any required meals (board retreat) will be carefully planned to avoid food waste.
  6. AC usage will be set to an energy efficient level to enable both comfort and energy saving.

The International School Yangon LTD GTY is incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Law 2017 on 24 March 2020 under Company Registration No. 125343643