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Theme: Travel & Adventure

Theme: Literacy and Books

Theme: Rain and Extreme Weather

Theme: Cooking and Eating

Theme: Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

Theme: Positive Outcomes

Theme: Detectives and Mysteries

Theme: Mythical Creatures

Theme: Heroes, Heroines, and Antiheroes

Theme: Dinosaurs

Theme: Mental Health Awareness

Theme: Gardening and Farming

Theme: Protecting Nature

Theme: Wild and Wonderful Animals

Theme: Engineering Feats 

Theme: School Life

Theme: The Spring Festival

Theme: Friendship

Theme: The Passing of Time

Theme: Culture of North America

Theme: Fantasy

Theme: African Cultures

Theme: Halloween

Theme: Southeast Asian Cultures

Theme: Animals & Pets

Theme: Life by the Water

Theme: Get up and move!

Theme: Space Exploration

Theme: Lifelong Learners

Theme: Africa

Theme: The Arts

Theme: Islamic Culture

Theme: Indigenous Peoples of the World

Theme: Humanity’s Environmental Impact

Theme: Pan-American Heritage