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Theme: The Sora App – Discover Your Next Great Read!

Theme: Stories to Laugh Out Loud

Theme: Wildlife

Theme: Monsoon and Rainy Weather

Theme: Empathy and Compassion

Theme: International Workers’ Day

Theme: Earth Day

Theme: PressReader & Sora

Theme: Ramadan & Islamic Culture

Theme: Holi & Indian Culture

Theme: Saint Patrick’s Day & Irish Culture

Theme: International Women’s Day

Theme: Stories of Asia

Theme: Black History Month

Theme: The PressReader App

Theme: Chinese New Year

Theme: Geography and Exploration

Theme: Fairy Tales

Theme: Understanding Disabilities

Theme: December Holidays

Theme: ISY Strategic Themes: Belonging

Theme: Poems for All

Theme: Mindfulness

Theme: The Sora App – Discover Your Next Great Read!

Theme: Water

Theme: Myanmar Culture

Theme: Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets

Theme: The Reason for the Seasons

Theme: ISY Learners Outcomes: Agents for Positive Change

Theme: Space Exploration and Astronomy

Theme: Graphic Novels for All

Theme: Number Crunching

Theme: Emotions

Theme: Back to School