ISY is part of the SEASAC group of International Schools competing across South-East Asia.  ISY also competes with a range of international schools in Yangon.


ISY is a member of the SouthEast Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC), which consists of 16 international schools from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia. Through this association, ISY is provided opportunities to participate in international interscholastic sports tournaments along with fine arts and MUN conventions.

ISY is also a member of the Yangon Athletic Conference (YAC) which consists of ISY and three other international schools within the city of Yangon. Both middle and high school teams compete throughout the year in regular season matches and season ending tournaments. The YAC sports consist of volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, swimming and table tennis.

Other local opportunities for ISY students include YISL Community Softball, ISY Community Basketball, and ISY Community Touch Rugby.

Please find updated links and information on this page to connect you with all of our team sports and activities. For further information, please contact the Athletic office.

ISY facilities including the swiming pool, gym, fitness room and outdoor areas are available to be booked using the online reservation system.  Please make sure to follow the ISY Health and Safety guidelines when using the facilities.