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Athletics & Activities Blog – April 23

Are You “Working” the Night Shift?

With more and more of our students, teachers, and parents living in one time zone and working or going to school in another, it is quickly becoming obvious that the “night shift” is exhausting.  In my homeroom class alone, I have students in Myanmar, India, Germany, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the US.  While some of my students are in a similar timezone to Myanmar, others are waking at 3am to get to class, or staying up until 1am to finish their classes.  It might seem fun for awhile, but once the newness wears off, our individual circadian clocks start to demand attention – and no amount of sleeping in or daytime naps will satisfy a misaligned circadian rhythm.

The National Institutes of Health state that “Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. These natural processes respond primarily to light and dark and affect most living things, including animals, plants, and microbes.” (Circadian, n.d.) So when we suddenly start going to class at bedtime or waking up before the sun to join a PE class, we can really throw our mental and physical health into a tailspin.  According to the America Psychological Association, “Working against a person’s natural sleep cycle causes sleep disorders, as well as fatigue. Fatigue, in turn, worsens moods, decreases cognitive abilities and reflexes, and makes people more vulnerable to disease.” (Price, 2011)

Is it possible to trick our circadian clocks into believing that we are learning or working during “normal” daylight hours?  Yes!  You can drink caffeine at night and take sleeping aids during the day (not recommended) OR you can use bright lights (and turn your computer screen brightness all the way up) while in class or at work, and then use blackout curtains and/or eye covers to ensure that your bedroom is completely dark while you sleep.  You can slowly ease your way into believing that it’s daytime at 9pm or night time at 3am.  It’s not easy, but it’s possible.  Most importantly: make sure that you are getting enough sleep.  7-9 hours is recommended for adults and 9-12 hours for children.

Sweet dreams…

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ISY Facilities Update (April 24-30)

The following schedule is subject to change. Please note when making reservations: if a space does not appear, it is either full or has been blocked for a school activity. 

Swimming pool lane space is VERY limited!  There have been many “no-shows” this week, which means that lanes could have been used by others. 

If you reserve a lane and cannot make it for your session PLEASE cancel your reservation by emailing  We ask that family members share a lane.  

Outdoor Areas

  • Open Daily 8am – 6pm

Swimming Pool

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7-9am
  • Tuesday/Thursday 2-4pm
  • Saturday 8am-12pm
  • Closed Sunday

Weight Room and Fitness Area

  • Open 24-Hours

Close contact sports will not be permitted at this time.  Visitors must provide their own sports equipment.  Group size of six or fewer people are permitted at this time.

Elementary school students MUST be accompanied by a parent or adult supervisor at all times.  One parent / adult must accompany no more than five students.  The parent and child(ren) must all must sign-up online to an available time slot ahead of time in order to maintain proper social distancing measures. ISY is not responsible for supervision of students during these times.

Please note masks need to be worn in all public areas of the school, except while in the water.  This includes while using the outdoor facilities for small group games and activities.  We also ask that you make every attempt to practice social distancing. Please always enter through the front steps area as this entrance is outfitted with a thermal camera to check temperatures.  In addition, please bring your school ID to avoid the need to sign-in at the front gate.  We also ask that everyone wash their hands at the sinks on the front steps before entering the campus.  The indoor gym is not available at this time.

Please use the following link to reserve a space. If there is a space and time that does not appear on the form, then it has been blocked for a program or filled by other users.  Facility Reservation Form

Any questions should be addressed to Ms. Isom:

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