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March 29, 2024
Athletics and Activities

Jonathan O’Sullivan –  Athletics and Activities Coordinator

Dear Chinthes,

Over the weekend ISY had four teams competing in various competitions across Southeast
Asia. For SEASAC, ISY had a boys softball team in Bangkok and girls and boys teams competing in Singapore for badminton. A little closer to home, ISY had it’s boys middle school football team competing in the Yangon Athletic Conference end of season tournament. For a report on how these teams went please continue reading the relevant sections below.
There will be some sporting action involving the elementary school students this coming week. Firstly, ISY has two teams playing in a football tournament this Saturday. Then on Tuesday Yangon International School is bringing a football team (grades 2 and 3) and a basketball team (grades 4 and 5) to ISY. Please see below in the Elementary School Athletics section for more details.
The Thingyan holiday is fast approaching and the ISY facilities will be affected by this holiday. Please read the Facilities section to find out how some facility closures might affect you.

Upcoming Athletic Events and Practices

Elementary School:

Football  Tournament, March 30 at Star City Sports Complex
G 2 and 3 Football and G 4 and 5 Basketball, April 2 3:45 Vs YIS at ISY

Middle School:

YCI Badminton Tournament, March 29 at WOW Sports
MS Boys Football  Tournament, March 30 at Star City Sports Complex

High School:

YCI Badminton Tournament, March 29 at WOW Sports

Practice Times

HS Touch Rugby
Tuesday 2:40-5:00 PM (ISY Field)
Thursday 3:30-5:30 PM (ISY Field)

MS/HS Badminton
Monday/Wednesday girls/boys 3:30-5:30 PM (ISY Gym)

ES Swim Team:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2:20-3:20 PM

MS and HS Swim Team:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3:30-5:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursday 6:45-7:45 AM

    YAC Boys Football

    Community Sports Group

    The Community Sports group is a group of students that have come together to provide sporting opportunities for the ISY community.
    Their latest event will be a 3 Vs 3 basketball tournament. Here is a snapshot of what will be happening:

    What: 3 Vs 3 basketball tournament
    Who: MS boys and MS/HS girls
    When: April 1 and 3 after school
    Where: ISY Gym Court 2

    Match Highlights.jpg

    Also from the ISY Community Sports Team

    Dear All,

    Community Sports is bringing back the famous ISY Football Mini-League tournament! We can’t wait to see some great football!

    This tournament is for High School and Grade 8 students as well as teachers and staff. It will happen in Quarter 4 with a break for High School Exams.

    If you are interested in playing, please fill out this Community Sports Football Mini-League Tournament Interest Form by this Monday, 4pm.

    ISY Community Sports Team

      Elementary School Athletics

      This Saturday ISY will be sending two elementary school football teams to play in a tournament at Star City Sports Complex. The teams will play against other schools from around Yangon.
      Then on Tuesday ISY has invited Yangon International School to come and play football and basketball against our students. The football will be played by the grade 2 and 3 students and the basketball will be played by the grade 4 and 5 students.
      This will be exciting for our younger athletes here at ISY. If you can, please come and support our students at 3:45 on Tuesday April 2.

      SEASAC Badminton

      High School Athletics


      The below report is a collaboration of Coach A-G and Mr. O’Sullivan’s writing:
      The boys played really well on the first competition day. In our first game, we were ahead for most of it. Our fielding was excellent, but our bats (hitting) were slow to come. As we got more comfortable, we hit. We won this match 15 to 8. The second game was against a good team we thought would beat us by at least 10 runs. Though we were down by a run or two for most of the game, our defense stayed strong and kept us in it. During the last 3 innings our bats (hitting) came alive. The other team led by a run after the 6th inning, but we scored 3 times in the top of the 7th, then we got 3 outs without giving up a run in the bottom of the 7th to secure the win. The boys were super excited about this big win and the day in general and were having so much fun!
      On the second day of competition we played three games, but the boys had lots of energy for the whole day. Our first game, we were down by 2 runs in the last inning, but we came back and scored 3 runs to win! Unfortunately, we fell apart, defensively during our second game and couldn’t make up the runs with our bats. We lost by only a few runs. Our last game was against the best team in the tournament and they hit the ball everywhere we were not. They proved why they were the best team in the tournament by beating us comfortably. With the one victory today, we play for 5th place. The coaches and the players are still happy with our efforts today.
      On the last day of competition the boys played well for their last match. We held the lead for most of the game, but it was a nail biter the whole way. Calvin (Grade 12) hit a grand slam for half our runs and our defense held the opposition. We were very happy to take 5th place out of 12 teams. Both the other players and coaches were great to get to know and it was a well run tournament!
      The coaches are so proud!

      The following report was written in collaboration with Coach Scheercousse and Mr. O’Sullivan:
      The SEASAC Badminton tournament took place last week-end at UWCE international school in Singapore. Eight teams competed in Division 1. All the teams were highly motivated and skilled, and we saw some great qualification matches.
      The boys tried their very best but were up against older, more experienced teams. In the end the boys won 7th place and retained ISY’s place in division 1 for next year.
      It was a slightly different narrative for the girls team. The girls had a first up loss but then made up for it to reach the semifinals. The girls would lose their semifinal but they ended the tournament on a high by winning 3rd place.
      Well done to both these teams. They represented ISY with pride.

      Middle School Athletics 

      ISY are boys middle school football Yangon Athletic Conference champions again!!
      After winning convincingly in our first game against YIS, ISY lost a very tight second game against ILBC. We had to win our final game against ISM to win the tournament. ISM were undefeated for the whole season so far. This would be a tough assignment. Once again it was very close with five minutes to go we were 2-1 down but produced some great football to even the score. We won the game with virtually the last kick of the ball. A well-deserved victory.

      After School Activities 

      Parents will be able to check their child(ren)’s ASA schedule on PowerSchool. They will also be able to check where and when the ASAs will be and who is the ASA supervisor. This information will be automatically updated as changes are made to the students’ ASA schedules.

      The times for ASAs are as follows:

      Elementary school ASA 2:20 – 3:05 PM
      Middle and high school ASA 2:40-3:25 PM

      Swim Team

      Here are the training times for our elementary, middle and high school swim teams.

      ES Swim Team:
      Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2:20-3:20 PM

      MS and HS Swim Team:
      Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3:30-5:00 PM
      Tuesday and Thursday 6:45-7:45 AM

      Community Sport

      Every Saturday a group of ISY community plays badminton and pickleball in the ISY gym. This is from 3:00-5:00 PM. 

      If you are interested in playing either of these community sports please come along at the given day and time and you will be welcomed.


      ISY Sports Broadcasting

      Last year a sports broadcasting club was started at ISY. They were able to cover some of our high school basketball games with great success. They produced a very professionally polished product.
      This year they will cover our high school athletics for the whole year. If you are interested in this please follow the link below and this will lead you to the group’s Youtube page. So far the group has covered two high school volleyball games and some of the high school basketball games from last year.

      Facility Schedules


      Over the Thingyn holiday there will be some closers of the ISY facilities.

      The pool and gym will be closed from April 13 – 19. All other facilities will be open as usual.

      ISY facilities are open and ready to be enjoyed by the ISY community. You will be able to see below the available times to different facilities.

      Please note, to use ISY facilities you MUST use this booking form and be a member of the ISY community. No people outside of the ISY community will be given access to ISY without previous permission. This form also includes a liability waver.

      Tennis Court

      Weekdays 2:30-6:00PM

      Weekends 8:00AM-5:00PM

      (Middle and elementary school students need to be accompanied by an adult)

      Swimming Pool
      Open 6:30 – 7:30 AM Monday – Friday
      Monday 5-6 PM
      Tuesday 3:30-6 PM
      Wednesday 5-6 PM
      Thursday 3:30-6 PM
      Friday 5-6 PM
      Open Saturday 8 AM – 12 PM
      Closed Sunday
      (Please note to use the Swimming Pool you must book your place)

      Fitness/Weights Room
      Closed 7 AM – 2:30 PM (School hours)
      24 hours (Please note to use the Weights/Fitness Room you must book your place)

      **Please note** The Fitness/Weights Room is busy with a lot of equipment in it. Could all users please tidy up after themselves. This means wiping down equipment after using them and returning all weights and moveable equipment back to its correct place. This will make for a much more pleasant experience for everyone!

      HS students may use the Fitness/weights Weights Room unsupervised.
      MS students may use the Fitness/Weights Room only with adult supervision.
      ES students are not allowed in the Fitness/Weights Room.

      Outdoor Areas
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 3:30 – 6 PM
      The Field
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the field will be used until 5:30 for ISY sports teams practice.

      (Please note that to use the Outdoor Spaces you must book your place)
      8 AM – 6 PM
      **These times may change once more sports start up at ISY**

      Questions or More Information

      As always, if you have any questions about what is in this blog or anything else that you may think of related to activities or athletics please feel free to contact me at:

      Kindest regards,

      Mr. Jonathan O’Sullivan