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Elementary Update – March 6th, 2020

Sandy Sheppard, Elementary School Principal

Dear Parents,

 Today we had our annual Field Day, fun was had by all the students. Thank you so much to both our wonderful PE team and to all the parents who volunteered their time to support the event. Your support is appreciated.

The Grade 5 break time violin concert was a wonderful event that show cased all the hard work from our students. Special thanks to Ms Bekka for organizing this event.

I hope to see many of you tonight at the gala and also at the family fun day tomorrow.

Wishing you all a wonderful  weekend.

Sandy Sheppard

Grade 5 Violin Performance


We have lots of important events coming up:

6th March – ISY Gala tonight

7th March – Family Fun Night – 5:00 – 7:00 PM, tomorrow

9th March – ASA begin

16th – 20th – Early Years open week – 8:00 – 9:30 AM daily

16th – 20th March – Spirit Week (see information below)

24th March – Transitioning Families presentation 5:30-6 PM in Cafeteria

27th March – Holiday (no school)

30th March – No School (teacher training day)

13th – 17th April – Holiday (no school)

Following an email previously sent to you asking that visitors certify that they have not come from China or South Korea we are now asking that the same conditions apply to anyone coming from Iran or Italy on or after Tuesday, 25th February. This is in line with the CDC list of level 3 countries which can be reviewed here. Countries that get added to that list at level 3 will also be added to our list. People who have transited through airports in these places are OK to come on to campus.
Students who have travelled from either of these areas need to report to the ISY Clinic. This is in line with guidance that ISY is receiving from International Health Authorities with whom we are in daily contact.
This and other updates can be found on the website on our health clinic page.

Mother Tongue Language Learning at ISY

One of our school’s undoubted strengths is the cultural diversity in our community. We have 50 nationalities represented in our student body.

ISY is committed to celebrating our cultural diversity and capitalizing on the many social and academic benefits that it offers our students. One such benefit is an environment rich in language.

It is important that we celebrate and support the languages of all of our students. One way that ISY can do this is by supporting our community’s nationality and language groups to set up their own language instruction classes as part of our After-School Activity (ASA) program. If a minimum number of ISY students are participating in the classes, ISY will provide a classroom free of charge. The program itself, including the cost of the instructor, instructional materials, and program planning, would be the responsibility of the parents of the students involved. 

Arabic Mother Tongue 

Ms. Nesma Sharshera would like to know if there is interest in starting an Arabic mother-tongue language class as part of our ASA program. If you are interested, please fill out this short Arabic Expression of Interest Form.

Burmese Mother Tongue

We would like to know how many parents would be interested in having their Burmese speaking child(ren) attend Burmese classes as part of our After School Activity (ASA) program.

If you are interested in having your child(ren) study Burmese as an ASA, please fill out this short Burmese Expression of Interest Form. This information will be used to help us decide how we can further support the Burmese language at ISY.

If would like any more information about how ISY can support the languages of all of our students, please contact our Director of Curriculum and Learning, Mr. Mike Simpson at


The 5th Annual ISY Maker Faire is here and it is open to all students from PreK-12. It will be on Saturday, May 23rd. You can learn more before signing up by clicking the following link:

See some pictures from last year below.
Thank you,


We hope to see you tomorrow at the Family Fun Night. Come from 5:00-7:00 and enjoy fun festivities that include: Escape Rooms, Karaoke, Movies, Ninja Warrior Course, Carnival Games, Video Games, Team Sports like Dodgeball, Sumo, Water play, Facepainting and food!!  All proceeds support our partnership with our UWS school in Waing Khan.

Elementary 2-5 Field Day photos below

Service Learning

A group of students from Grade 5 recently went on an excursion to Dala. The group of students formed when they were doing a small project in class related to water issues. The class picked different ways to help people with water problems. This group thought of giving water purifiers to the people that really need them.  They researched what kind of things they could donate, and where they would donate it. Recently with the support of their parents and Mr Davis they went on a trip to Dala. Dala is a place they found out had water problems, so they decided to go to a school there named Alae. This school has over 1000 students. They were able to see first hand what the problems were at the school with their water supply. The group has started to come up with solutions for the problems and hope to be able to provide support in the future. We can’t wait to see what will happen.


Spirit Week March 16-20, 2020

Join the fun and show your school spirit by dressing in the following themes:
Monday: Pajama Day
Tuesday: Twin Day
Wednesday: Spirit Day: ISY wear or Gold & Black
Thursday: Tacky Day (mismatched)
Friday: National Costume Day
Participation is encouraged but not required.
Gala – March 6th, Sule Shangri La
ISY is looking forward to seeing you tonight at the Gala. More information on the website and on Facebook.

Pre K, KG and Grade 1 Field Day Fun


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