Secondary Principal’s Blog

August 29, 2020, Update

Christina Powers, Secondary School Principal

Just the other day I came across a saying that said something to the effect of “a river does not care where it came from, or where it is going, it just makes its way.”  I couldn’t help but think of ISY’s journey as I heard this. The reality is like a river we need to keep moving forward  no matter what obstacles lie ahead, as a community we will find a way. None of us imagined that we would live in times like these, but due to our commitment, community strength, and our desire to ensure we take care of each other, ISY will continue to flow strongly and swiftly like a river ensuring student learning is front in center of what we do.

Over the last few months, our teachers have prepared for the possibility of moving to a virtual situation, and we look forward to putting our hard work to use. 

In order to ensure a smooth start to the week, below is some information that may be helpful. 

Please remember that attendance will be taken at each class meeting. As this program is synchronized it is expected that students will attend class lessons. 

Schedules: As Middle School, High School, and IB students all have different needs, the virtual schedules are slightly different.  However, all division will have classes between the hours of 8:30-12:45.

Zoom Links: Middle School students will be emailed their zoom links on Sunday morning. This way all the zoom links will be located in once place and easily found. High School students have their links already.

Questions: The secondary office is available to help answer questions should they arise.

We look forward to having a great week.