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September 1 2023,
Athletics and Activities

Jonathan O’Sullivan –  Athletics and Activities Coordinator

Dear Chinthes,

We had a big week at ISY this past week. We had secondary school sports, after school activities and the back to school night as well. All that and another full week of uninterrupted teaching and learning!

After school activities (ASAs) started this week. It was wonderful to see all the students be able to have the opportunity to experience different service learning, arts, sports and hobbies.

On Tuesday evening, ISY hosted high school girls and boys volleyball teams from Yangon International School (YIS). These proved to be very tight games so please continue to read below for how these close games turned out.

Our middle school athletes have started basketball season with training on Wednesday and Friday. There are games scheduled next week so please read below in the Middle School Athletes section for more information on this.

Community sports have started again so please read below for some opportunities happening at ISY for our older community members.

After School Activities 

Today marks our first full week of ASAs for the new school year. It has been great to see so many students experiencing new things and other students doing the things they enjoy or are passionate about. Our service learning choices from staff and students is very rich and varied and caters for all our students.

If a student is looking to change their ASA, next week will be the last week to do that.

Please remember that elementary school ASAs finish at 3:05 and middle and high school ASAs finish at 3:25. Students will be ready for pick up from the Teak Steps at these times. When elementary school ASAs have finished, elementary school students should be waiting at the Teak Steps for pickup, even if they are waiting for an older sibling.

ASA Times:

Elementary school ASAs 2:25-3:05

Middle and High school ASAs 2:40-3:25

Upcoming Athletic Events

Middle School:

Girls and Boys basketball practice Wednesday and Friday, 3:30 PM @ ISY Gym

Girls and Boys basketball Wednesday 6th, 3:30 PM Vs ILBC @ ILBC

Girls and Boys basketball Friday 8th, 3:50 PM Vs YIS at ISY

Girls and Boys Yangon Citywide Invitational Table Tennis Tournament Saturday 9th @ YIS

High School:

Girls and Boys Volleyball Tuesday 5th, 3:30 Vs ILBC @ ISY

Girls and Boys Yangon Citywide Invitational Table Tennis Tournament Saturday 9th @ YIS

    Elementary School Athletics

    Bench ball has been a huge hit with the elementary school students this quarter. For those that are interested there will be a bench ball tournament with other schools coming up in a few weeks. Please look out in the coming weeks for more information on how to sign up to play.

    Middle School Athletics

    This week our Middle School athletes have started practicing basketball. It has been awesome to see the number of girls and boys that have turned out to practice and improve their basketball skills. Hopefully this starts a lifelong involvement in playing basketball.

    There are two games scheduled for next week. The first is against ILBC International School on Wednesday. This is an away game. The coaches will select one girls and boys team to travel to ILBC. Those players selected for these teams will be notified on Monday afternoon.

    The next match is on Friday and is at ISY. For this game we will play an A team first and then we will have another game to give those athletes that did not play in the first match an opportunity to play in a proper game with referees and a live scoreboard.

    This Saturday ISY is sending a Middle and High School table tennis team to Yangon International School for the Yangon Citywide Invitational Table Tennis Tournament. If you are interested in playing for ISY in this event you must contact the Athletics and Activities office by midday Monday! If you have already signed up via the sign up sheets outside the gym your names have already been entered.

    High School Athletics

    On Tuesday evening ISY hosted our cross town rivals, Yangon International School for girls and boys high school volleyball matches. These matches were part of the Yangon Athletic Conference.

    In the girls game ISY played really well to jump out to a 2-0 set lead. YIS were not going to go away though and they fought back to even up the set score at 2-2. This game would end up being a five set thriller. This match could have gone either way as the teams traded points with each other until, unfortunately, YIS came out on top.

    Our ISY girls played well with a strong Chinthe spirit. But don’t worry, our girls are looking to return the favor when ISY visits YIS.

    The boys were in for a similar fight in their match with YIS. The sets were very tight and not much separated the two teams. Often the sets were settled by only two points. However, our boys were able to control the match for longer periods of time and be eventual winners 3-1. This was a close game and some of the sets could have gone either way.

    You can be assured that when ISY visits YIS it will be another closer encounter.

    This Saturday ISY is sending a Middle and High School table tennis team to Yangon International School for the Yangon Citywide Invitational Table Tennis Tournament. If you are interested in playing for ISY in this event you must contact the Athletics and Activities office by midday Monday! If you have already signed up via the sign up sheets outside the gym your names have already been entered.

    SEASAC Information

    The Southeast Asian Student Activities Conference is the athletics and activities conference that ISY belongs to outside of Myanmar. Each year ISY sends students to athletic, Model United Nations conferences and arts festivals. These events are a very valuable opportunity for our students to connect with other like minded students across Southeast Asia. This section in the Athletics and Activities blog will outline some of the important information and general happenings around SEASAC events.

    It is not too late to sign up to SEASAC golf or SEASAC cross country. If you would like to trial for either of these teams please email or drop by the Athletics and Activities Office next week.

    Note, golf and cross country do not conflict with volleyball or football.

    SEASAC Dates:
    SEASAC Football @ British School Jakarta, November 3, 4, 5
    SEASAC Volleyball @ NIST, Bangkok, November 3, 4, 5
    SEASAC Golf @ Bangkok Patana School, November 22, 23, 24
    SEASAC Cross Country @ Garden International School, Singapore, November 24, 25

    Swim Team

    Swim team training has well and truly started this week.
    Here are the training times for our elementary, middle and high school swim teams.

    ES Swim Team:
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2:20-3:20 PM

    MS and HS Swim Team:
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3:30-5:00 PM
    Tuesday and Thursday 6:45-7:45 AM

    Community Sport

    There are currently two community sport opportunities happening at ISY. The first is community touch rugby. This is held on the ISY field from 5:30 PM every Thursday. Touch rugby is a fast paced game and easy to learn and is a great way to meet new people from our community and around Yangon. All levels of experience and fitness are encouraged. Come along and give it a try.

    On Saturday, there is an opportunity for parents to play badminton. Each Saturday there will be community badminton in the ISY gym from 2-4 PM. You will need to bring your own rackets and birdies.

    Facility Schedules

    ISY facilities are open and ready to be enjoyed by the ISY community. You will be able to see below the available times to different facilities.

    Please note, to use ISY facilities you MUST use this booking form. This form also includes a liability waver.

    Tennis Court

    Weekdays 2:30-6:00PM

    Weekends 8:00AM-5:00PM

    (Middle and elementary school students need to be accompanied by an adult)

    Swimming Pool
    Open 6:30 – 7:30 AM Monday – Friday
    Monday 5-6 PM
    Tuesday 3:30-6 PM
    Wednesday 5-6 PM
    Thursday 3:30-6 PM
    Friday 5-6 PM
    Open Saturday 8 AM – 12 PM
    Closed Sunday
    (Please note to use the Swimming Pool you must book your place)

    Fitness/Weights Room
    Closed 7 AM – 2:30 PM (School hours)
    24 hours (Please note to use the Weights/Fitness Room you must book your place)

    **Please note** The Fitness/Weights Room is busy with a lot of equipment in it. Could all users please tidy up after themselves. This means wiping down equipment after using them and returning all weights and moveable equipment back to its correct place. This will make for a much more pleasant experience for everyone!

    HS students may use the Fitness/weights Weights Room unsupervised.
    MS students may use the Fitness/Weights Room only with adult supervision.
    ES students are not allowed in the Fitness/Weights Room.

    Outdoor Areas
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 3:30 – 6 PM
    The Field
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the field will be used until 5:30 for ISY sports teams practice.

    (Please note that to use the Outdoor Spaces you must book your place)
    8 AM – 6 PM
    **These times may change once more sports start up at ISY**

    Questions or More Information

    As always, if you have any questions about what is in this blog or anything else that you may think of related to activities or athletics please feel free to contact me at:

    Kindest regards,

    Mr. Jonathan O’Sullivan

    The International School Yangon
    20 Shwe Taungyar Street
    Bahan Township
    Yangon, Myanmar

    +95 (0) 9 880 441 040


    The 5th Annual ISY Fundraising Gala is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 30, 2024, at the PARKROYAL Hotel Yangon and will be in their Yadanar Ballroom starting from 6:00 pm. The theme will be The Garden of Hope. The Gala supports and links to ISY’s strategic theme of Sustainability. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the event, please see this linked sponsorship document with the sponsorship packages and form. Any questions regarding sponsorship should be directed towards our Advancement Associate, May Su Yadana Bo ( or +95 9 880 441 040, +95 9 964 210 248. You can also see further details about ticket purchases for the event on our ISY Gala webpage and Facebook Event page.