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December 8th
Blog Post

Sandy Sheppard, Elementary School Principal

Dear all,

Thank you for attending the Holiday Bazaar; it was a fun event and raised a significant amount of money for the Chinthe Fund. The Chinthe Fund supports three service organizations. All of these have Service Learning student support clubs associated with them. Each year ISY raises money for the Chinthe Fund, which is then equally distributed to our three partners, Yangon Animal Shelter, Care to the Least Center, and Kalihtaw School; more information can be found on our website here.

The students had such much fun performing for you. Special thanks to Ms Bekka and Mr Saw John for organizing the musical event. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Ms. Sheppard



The students worked so hard for the Holiday Bazaar.

They made so many items to sell to raise money for the Chinthe Fund during their after-school activities.

Well done ISY Students! See some more photos below.



See below for two inspiring poems from two of our Grade 5 students. It is great to see our compassion students, using poetry to inspire others.

Thank you


    The beautiful creature                                                    

    Lives in a cage

    Waiting, waiting

    For his freedom


    He used to run

    All strong and free

    In the zig-zagging path

    Of the glamorous, lively jungle


    He used to have his pals

    All behind him

    Like his own footsteps on the ground


    The wind rushed through his fur as he ran

    “Swish swash”

    His tail chasing his dangly mane


    He “roars”, He “whimpers”

    He is miserable in this cage

    As miserable looking as a stormy ocean

    He wants to be free


    By Yolanda Su Wai Htet

    Grade 5


    She looks out across her room,

    out the window, she sees her brother outside, going off to school,

    she stops, thinks, and wonders, really carefully,

    and says,


    “We, girls, deserve an education; we’re all free, equal, and human,

    when I grow up, I’m, going to make that change happen,

    so girls can all go to school”, 

    so that ambitious girl grew up and became an extreme role model for girls, who want to make a positive change in academics, arts, sports, and other important subjects in life.

    And that change is happening right now, so they could all go to school together,

    girls and boys,

    boys and girls.

    Aindra Nwe Ni Aung

    Grade 5


    Dates to Remember

    15th December – Last day of school – December Break starts

    13th January – Family Sports Day – 8:30 – 10:30 AM

    SeeSaw Information

    If you have not already signed up for SeeSaw our ISY communication app, here are some instructions. You should begin by downloading the ‘Seesaw Parent & Family’ app from your respective app stores. Upon opening the app, you will be prompted to scan a QR code. To obtain this QR code, you can reach out directly to your child’s teacher or PowerSchool support (powerschool@isyedu.org), where you can be provided with the necessary QR code. Once you have the code, scan it with the app and then enter your email address and password to create your account.
    We will also have a SeeSaw sign-up table on December 6th at the Holiday Bazaar at the upper court to support sign-up.


    Last month, we were fortunate to have worked with Dr. Bob Garmston, a very influential educator and academic whose work has had a profound impact on teaching and learning around the world.
    Dr. Garmston is a co-developer of Adaptive Schools. Adaptive Schools ‘presents a productive, practical set of ideas and tools for developing collaborative groups in becoming effective and better equipped to resolve complex issues around student learning.
    Adaptive Schools strategies help teachers collaborate effectively in planning to meet the needs of all of our students. Also, and very importantly, these strategies can be used in the classroom with the students to create meaning and facilitate learning. 
    Adaptive Schools strategies can be very simple or quite complex, but they are all grounded in research around the science of learning. Adaptive School strategies build upon best practices, creating a consistency in how instruction happens and learning occurs throughout the school.
    Click here to read more about the What, Why, and How of Adaptive Schools at ISY.



    There is always never-ending fun at ISY. The next big event after the Holiday Bazaar is the Family Sports Day on the 13th of January. 

    This event is making a comeback this school year. It is such fun for adults and students alike. Come along, get some exercise, and have some fun; mark your calendars. 


    Executive Functioning Skill #3: Task Initiation

    This week we are looking into the executive functioning skills of Task Initiation. This is the ability to begin a task or assignment independently with little or no support from others.  It requires self-discipline and motivation, two skills difficult to force upon others but as parents, we can support our children in developing the skills of task initiation by:

    • Reviewing the day’s tasks and expectations at the start of the day.  Coaching your child as you develop a plan to accomplish these tasks.  Include their “free” or unstructured time so that they can see a balance between work and play.
    • Regular exercise.  Children need to move and engage.  Too much sitting, unfortunately, encourages more sitting.  Action encourages action.
    • Set timers.  This helps children practice time management as well as initiating tasks.
    • Provide chores for your child to accomplish.  Helping around the house provides your child an opportunity to contribute, and they can see the rewards.

    If you are interested in chatting more about the benefits of supporting your child with task initiation or have questions about any of the other executive functioning skills we have or will talk about, please feel free to contact me at escounselor@isyedu.org.  I am happy to support your family.


    The Chinthe Cubs are finishing up their first round of teacher interviews with this interesting chat with Ms. Sabine, one of ISY’s Grade 5 teachers.  This is Ms. Sabine’s second year in Yangon, and tells of her experience within the ISY community.

    The International School Yangon
    20 Shwe Taungyar Street
    Bahan Township
    Yangon, Myanmar

    +95 (0) 9 880 441 040



    The 5th Annual ISY Fundraising Gala is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 30, 2024, at the PARKROYAL Hotel Yangon and will be in their Yadanar Ballroom starting from 6:00 pm. The theme will be The Garden of Hope. The Gala supports and links to ISY’s strategic theme of Sustainability. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the event, please see this linked sponsorship document with the sponsorship packages and form. Any questions regarding sponsorship should be directed towards our Advancement Associate, May Su Yadana Bo (mbo@isyedu.org) or +95 9 880 441 040, +95 9 964 210 248. You can also see further details about ticket purchases for the event on our ISY Gala webpage and Facebook Event page.