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December 9th
Blog Post
Sandy Sheppard, Elementary School Principal


The International School Yangon is a community of compassionate global citizens.


We aim to develop lifelong learners who will be a force for positive change in the world.

Dear Parents,

Upcoming events include a Holiday Bazaar organized by Grade 5 students on the 14th of December from 1:00 to 2:00 PM. Students in a variety of grade levels will be selling holiday-related items made at school to raise money for service learning projects. The Parent Association, Connecting Parents group will be hosting tea, coffee, and cookies at the event. There will also be a used book sale, 10,000 kyat to fill a reusable bag with books. See more information below.

Also coming up is the Broadway Show tonight from 6-7 PM, when our Elementary School choir will be performing along with Secondary School students.

The winter break will start on December 16th with a special holiday assembly for the students. Santa will visit this assembly. 

This blog has lots of celebrations in it; this week, we have celebrated some of our caring students, Monday Math champions, and Grade 2 for their ‘Sand is Banned’ project.


Lost property needs to be collected before the break. Items not collected will be donated to local charities.  We donate 2 to 3 times a year. The office staff can direct you to the Lost Property.


Thank you for all your support; it is appreciated.

Ms. Sandy Sheppard
Elementary School Principal



I am proud of so many things here at ISY. I am especially proud of how wonderful our students are. As a leadership team, we take turns at greeting students on the steps. This is always a highlight of our morning and a wonderful way to start the day.

I would like to give a shout-out to all the caring big brothers and sisters who help their younger siblings into school every day.

In particular, I want to recognize the following students for their outstanding show of caring:

Taeyeon Kim’s big brother Taewook

Osamu Kutsumi’s big sister Kyoto

Manfred Mahaw’s big sister Yolande

Kaitlyn Win’s big brother Ernest

Carla Lumon’s big sister Mabel

Yoon Yoon Khine’s big sister Phoo Phoo

Barani Han Thar’s big sister Cutie


Dates to Remember

9th December – Broadway Night – Elementary Choir will be performing.

14th December – Grade 5 Holiday Bazaar – including a book sale and Parent Association Connecting Parents coffee, tea and cookies.

19th December – January 6th – Winter Holiday



We love to celebrate good work! Congratulations, Grade 2M on their wonderful project….

‘Sand is Banned.’

You are making a difference!





We would love to see you at this event.

Care to the Least Centre – flip flop drive

The Care to the Least Center (CLC) Service Learning group are having a flip flop drive.  Between now and the start of the December break there will be a basket on the front steps where you can donate flip flops.  Ideally they would like children’s sizes for 3 year olds to 16 year olds.  Alternatively, you can donate 10,000 ks. for this campaign at the ISY business office.  Thanks in advance for your donations.


The Holiday Bazaar will be on the 14th of December from 1:00 – 2:00 PM in the covered court area.

This event is organized by Grade 5 students to raise money for service learning groups.

The event includes:

  • A Grade 5 music performance
  • Selling of holiday-related objects, e.g., Christmas cards and ornaments made by PreK, Kindergarten, Grade 5, and Grade 7 students, to raise money for the Qatar Animal Shelter.
  • A used book sale to raise money for Access to Education
  • The Parent Association branch of Connecting Parents will be serving tea, coffee, and cookies for parents. All are welcome.
  • Grade 4 will be accepting donations for Care for the Least orphanage of flip-flops, used children’s clothing, and bedding. They encourage you to bring your donations along.


Gr 2/3 Math Challenge –
Pon Nya, Mabel, Nyan Kyi, Ryan, Solo, and Han Htoo
Gr4/5 Math Challenge –
Yati, Seung Hyun, Laurel, Angel, Hajung, Tiffany, and Estina



At ISY, technology integration is an important strategic theme to support the development of lifelong learners. Technology is integrated into every subject at every grade level, and specialized Computer Science courses are offered to our High School students. As technology, which involves coding and programming, is now woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, we know that coding is a beneficial skill for the future. Our After School Activities (ASA) program provides opportunities for students to pursue their interests in this area. 


Beginning in Grade 2, ISY offers instruction in French or Mandarin. 

These courses are designed for students learning an additional language who do not have native fluency in that language. Instructional emphasis is on speaking, listening, reading, and writing and learning about the culture of the target language via these skills. 

ISY believes that learning an additional language is integral to the development of internationally-minded students who are confident, reflective, and multi-lingual communicators. Language development in more than one language advances cognitive growth, cultivates lifelong learning, and promotes cross-cultural communication. 

We have students at all levels of language proficiency. Beginning in Quarter Three, the schedule will change to allow for students in different grade levels to learn together based on their language proficiency levels and language learning needs. This will allow for students to receive more targeted language instruction at their proficiency level. 

A Year of Gratitude

Each December, as the year draws to a close, I find it important to reflect on the gifts and blessings that have presented themselves over the course of the year.  This year, we celebrated the re-opening of the campus and a return to in-person school.  Certainly, challenges continue but being grateful and the act of gratitude produces many benefits.

Community: The expression of gratitude brings people together.  It helps develop friendships and forms bonds between individuals that encourage connection and a sense of belonging that tends to make people want to re-invest in the community.

Health:  Studies show that people that regularly express gratitude sleep better, have better heart health, have a more resilient immune system, are at decreased risk of depression or anxiety and suffer less from chronic pain.

Wellbeing:  Grateful individuals tend to be more patient and have a positive impact on our emotional and mental well-being.  This means grateful individuals tend to be more optimistic, are more likely to help others in need and exercise more often.

Taking on an attitude of gratitude isn’t as difficult as one might believe.  You can develop your sense of gratitude by intentionally looking for and writing down moments of gratitude throughout your day.  Celebrating your relationships and reflecting on difficult times can also ignite the gratitude flame.

I wish everyone in our ISY community a happy and safe holiday season.  I am grateful to be a part of this connected and special community.  

Happy Holidays, Ms. Patty  


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