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May 17th
Blog Post

Sandy Sheppard, Elementary School Principal


Dear all,

This week, our students int he Secondary School finished their IB exams; congratulations to the Grade 12 students on completing their year at ISY.

Three weeks until the end of the school year, please read the Friday Notices to keep up-to-date with all events. Next week there is a holiday on Wednesday for the Full Moon of Kasone.

Have a great weekend!

Ms Sheppard


Compassionate Chinthes Donation Drive –

We are accepting donations from now until Monday June 3, that will provide our Chinthe Fund partners with needed supplies. Please view this poster listing items that you can donate. Please drop off items in the baskets at the front steps, or at Ms. Davis’ room in SAS 504E, or at Mr. Sturmey’s room, D202.

Grade 5 Compassion Project Exhibition –

Tuesday, May 21 at 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, in the Multi-Purpose Room. Parents are invited to come and see the excellent compassion project work produced by our Grade 5 Elementary School students.



Several of our students have been bringing candy to school to eat during snack and lunch time. They are also sharing with other students. While this is a lovely gesture, we try to promote healthy eating at school and would prefer that candy be left for a treat at home that parents monitor. Thank you in advance for ensuring that your child/ren do not bring candy to school.


    It has started to get very hot outdoors. During these warmer periods, to play outdoors, our students are required to wear sun hats and sunscreen. We ask your assistance to apply sunscreen to your child before they come to school and also to send a named sunscreen bottle to school so that sunscreen can be reapplied before break times.

    Chinthe Cubs

    For 2024-25, we will be offering a 3-year-old program. The current 4-year-old program and the new 3-year-old program will be called Chinthe Cubs. Please complete this sign-up form to register your interest in finding out more information about the new Chinthe Cubs classes. As a reminder, admissions for the next academic year, 2024-25, will be accepted from 15th February 2024. The information session has been completed, but you can get information at any time by contacting our ISY Admissions Office.

    Dates to Remember

    21st May – Grade 5 ComPassion Project Exhibition

    22nd May – NO SCHOOL

    5th June – Report Cards go home

    7th June – Last day of school – school finishes at 11:30

    Final Executive Functioning Skill: Self-Control

    Over the last several months, we have explored the varied skills of executive functioning. These important skills, sometimes called “the management system of the brain,” are critical in setting, meeting, and obtaining our goals.  Today, we will finish our exploration by reviewing the last skill, self-control.  Self-control is the ability to regulate our thoughts, emotions, and choices.  This skill involves the ability to stop and think before making decisions.  It’s being mindful of consequences, identifying feelings and impacts on social relationships.  Children with self-control are better able to prioritize, manage strong feelings, and empathize.  Some areas in which, as parents we can support our children in developing their self-control are:

    • Developing their feelings vocabulary.  When children are able to label their emotions clearly, they are better able to determine what is needed to help them regulate.
    • Model self-regulation.  When you have strong emotions, explain to your child that you need a moment to settle.  Strong emotions expressed with thoughtful actions show children the power of self-control.
    • Delaying gratification.  Today’s world is filled with instant gratification.  Social media relies on children to buy, click or play immediately.  Asking your child to wait or reflect before supplying their needs builds stamina.
    • Practice mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.  These skills focus our attention on the moment and feelings of gratitude, which reduces angst over wants and desires.

    ISY seeks to support students as they develop their executive functioning skills.  Teachers are creative including these needed skills within their curriculum but your support is needed.  Helping your child develop these skills will support not only their academic success but their social-emotional development as well.

    If you would like to talk with Ms Patty about executive functioning skills or any other skills to support your child, please contact her at escounselor@isyedu.org.

    Ms Patty