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Elementary Update – November 15th

Sandy Sheppard, Elementary School Principal

Dear all,

The faculty enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Adaptive Schools training, a lot was learnt by all.

We look forward to all the fun events coming up – Family Fun Day, Sports-a-thon, winter concert etc. We hope to see you all at these events.

Next week we have parent conferences, read more below about our new progress reports, how to access them and signing up for conferences.

Sandy Sheppard


Our first Progress Reports have been shared, please make sure you view them before parent conferences.

Please see the attachment for a guide on the new reports.

Progress Report Guide

Here is a guide on how to access the Progress Reports:

Access Guide


Parent conferences will take place all day on the 21st of November. Sign up is available on Power School. Meetings are 15 minutes long. They start at 9:00 am and finish at 5:30 PM.

Specialist teachers are available on that day in their classrooms for drop in meetings. A list of their locations will be available on the office window. Our Art Teacher, Mr Batty will only be available before 12, as he also has Senior School commitments. Our PE Teachers Mrs Johnson and Mr Franz are not avaialbe as they have SEASAC Golf commitments (we are hosting), you are welcome to contact them to make an appointment if you would like to meet them. They can be contacted at:

We look forward to seeing you all at the conferences.


We learnt so much in the assembly today run by Grade 5V. We learnt about bird boxes, division and recycling just to name a few.

Well done everyone!

See pictures below.

 Concert Reminders and Information

Grades 1-5 Concert

Date and Time: December 11th 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

**This performance is a part of each student’s music requirement and it is important that they participate.

Who Can Come?:
All are welcome to enjoy the music. Please come support your children by listening to their beautiful music. Cousins, grandparents, friends…all are welcome!


● Students must arrive at school by 5:30 pm and go to their classrooms.
● Students should be dressed in their concert dress (see below) and be fully ready when they arrive.
● Students will remain with their class for the duration of the concert. All students join together in the last song. Please discuss with your teacher where and how to
collect your child at the conclusion of the concert.

This year’s concert theme is Myanmar Poems. In line with that theme we are asking students to wear traditional Myanmar dress. This may be of any color or ethic group.
A few thoughts:
● Tying the baso for boys can sometimes be difficult. There are solutions. Sometimes the tie will be sown together and elastic is used to hold the baso in place. Sometimes safety pins or a belt help.
● It is suggested under the baso to have shorts on in case it unties.
● If only part of the traditional dress works for your child, you can pair it with option 2 suggestions.
Shoes: Formal shoes with minimal heel.

Students are asked to wear solid white and black with minimal designs on the clothing. Clothes should help the student to look their best. As stated at the beginning of school, ISY concert dress is: plain white on the top and plain black on the bottom.
Boys: No shorts, Collared white shirt preferred. Ties are okay if dark colors

Girls: No shorts, Dresses and skirts are okay if they are solid colors with white on the top and black on the bottom. No short skirts. Pants are okay

Shoes: Formal shoes with minimal heel.
Thanks, Ms. Bekka


16th November – Family Fun Fair

21st November – 9:00 – 5:30 PM, Parent Conferences (no school for students)

25th November – ASA Session 2 begins

28/29th November – Thanksgiving Holiday

7th December – UWS Sports-a-thon -Fundraising Event

11th December – Winter Concert (Grade 1-5 only)

13th December – Is a full day of school


5O and 2S had a wonderful morning celebrating all the students hard work during their nonfiction writing unit. All the students were excited to share and to enjoy a tasty snack!
Above are some photos of the morning.
Family Fun Fair

As a reminder the annual ISY Family Fun Fair will be the 16th of November, 2019 from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M.   The High School Student Council, which is in charge of this event, is still interested in contributions to the raffle program including any gift vouchers, clothing, electronics, food and other miscellaneous items.

Please contact Swan Pye Aung, President of the High School Student Council ( or Mr. Nicolas Lapoujade ( with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.


After playing 33 matches this season, ISY ES Soccer season has come to a close.  With matches for grades 1-5 to join in, here at ISY and off-campus, our students had ample opportunity to share their skills and love of soccer while building upon our international school community. By sharing our space and visiting other schools, we developed an appreciation of our facilities and a team bond that supports collaboration and communication.  The connection with the greater international school community in Myanmar has given us a new perspective and challenged our ES athletes to develop an understanding of teamwork, sportsmanship, and risk-taking.   Although winning was never our priority, our ES teams had a winning record of 28-4-1.  Many parents also joined in to support the teams.  The Chinthes Spirit rises strong!  We are looking forward to a very exciting basketball season.  Go Chinthes!

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