Secondary Principal’s Blog
November 13, 2020, Update
Christina Powers, Secondary School Principal

We look forward to seeing you at Parent-Teacher Conferences.

We encourage and welcome students to participate in Parent-Teacher Conferences. Conferences are an excellent opportunity to share insights and potential needs or solutions that can be used to enhance your child’s learning. 

Although we prefer to see you all on campus, having virtual conferences can be convenient, efficient, and effective. Running virtual conferences eliminates the issues we have around parking and traffic, not to mention travel time. We hope that this conference’s remote nature combined with the software we are using allows for a relaxed and comfortable meeting. 

Research shows that parent-teacher conferences benefit student’s learning. The strong relationship between parents and teachers can make a big difference in the lives of students. Please take this opportunity to exchange insights into a child’s learning. The partnership between parents and teachers is highly valued at ISY. 

Directions for Scheduling Conferences:

  • Please see the instructions link – Conferences will be booked through PowerSchool.
  • We welcome and encourage student participation
  • All conferences are 8 minutes in length allowing parents time to transition between meetings.

Our Chinthe Learning Online (CLO) teachers will not use this sign up system. They will instead reach out to CLO families directly to offer a time to meet.

If you have questions, please contact the secondary office at


Date: November 19th

Times:  9:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Meetings are virtual

Students are encouraged to attend


As we will be having parent-teacher conferences we will not be offering ASA’s on Thursday, November 19, 2020 and there will be no classes for students.

This Week our Secondary Students participated in Spirit Week     


Many students and staff participated in the fun-filled event. Congratulations to the following:                                                            
Rumaisa– Out of this World!
Mars– Most Creative
Sophia M.– Brady Bunch Theme- Need I say more?
Julian– Most Scary
Carmen– Most Artistic Image (a second win for Carmen!)
Parnika– Most Interesting Effect (Invisible Movement)
Zwe & Kei– Most Mesmerizing Background! Really, I couldn’t stop looking at it!
Crazy School Spirit