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Executive Functioning Skills

Mike Simpson

Secondary School Principal

October 20, 2023

We have come to the end of Quarter 1. It has been a very busy and very successful start to the school year.

After the break, you will receive your child’s Quarter 1 reports card. In addition to academic achievement and growth, this report card, and all subsequent report cards, will assess Executive Functioning Skills That Support Learning.

This adaptation of our report card to include executive functioning skills comes from some work that we did with an educational nueroscience expert last year. These are skills that we strive to develop in our students so they can learn effectively. We believe that these skills can be taught, just as academic skills can be taught, and we are very deliberate and focused in teaching them.

On the report card, these skills are organized under Working Memory, Mental Flexibility, and Self-Management and Social Skills as follows:

Working Memory:

  • Holding and manipulating information during tasks.
  • Recalling key details from previous lessons and instructions.
  • Efficient note-taking and information organization.
  • Applying critical and creative thinking to problem-solving.

Mental Flexibility:

  • Adapting to changing routines without stress.
  • Openness to new ideas and viewpoints.
  • Shifting focus between tasks effectively.
  • Analyzing information, evaluating arguments, and thinking critically.

Self-Management and Social Skills:

  • Effective time management and organization. 
  • Emotional regulation, positive relationships and conflict resolution. 
  • Resilience and seeking support when needed. 
  • Active listening and constructive engagement.

On Wednesday, in an IB Diploma Programme session for parents, we asked parents to participate in an Adaptive Schools Activity that we use with our students to identify what is most important to us as a group. We asked them tell us which of the 12 executive functioning skills listed on the report card are most important for us to focus on. Here is what parents think:

The top four:

  • Effective time management and organization

  • Resilience and seeking support when needed

  • Applying critical and creative thinking to problem-solving

  • Analyzing information, evaluating arguments, and thinking critically.

We are addressing these skills and we will continue to do so! Look out for future blog posts that explain how we are doing this.

In addition to a revised report card, we have revised the High School schedule. The schedule has been improved to provide our High School students with more flexibility to study their preferred subjects at their levels. Students will also be able to view their schedule on Powerschool in a timetable form to make it easier for them to follow it.

Next quarter will be busy! Rest up and we look forward to seeing you after the break. 

Happy Thadingyut!

Secondary School Events

Happy Thadingyut!

See you all on Tuesday, October 31

      Upcoming Events:

      October 31 -November 3: Spirit Week (see poster below for details)

      November 2-5: SEASAC Volleyball (Bangkok) and Football (Jakarta)

      November 3: Quarter 1 Reports available on Powerschool

      November 8: Parent Teacher Conferences (no school for students)

      November 13-17: Grade Level Chinthe Expedition Meetings

      November 18: International Day

      December 11-15: Chinthe Expeditions

      Counselor Weekly Newsletter

      Every week, Mr. A-G, our High School Conselor, provides our High School students with a weekly newsletter. This newsletter provides students with information about a variety of topics including college and university application processes.

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      Nourish Meal Plan

      Please order through PowerSchoolThis is the Nourish meal plan advertisement that is available to order.  Here is the Nourish meal plan showing the nutritional facts and the Nourish Ordering Procedures guide.

      Student Agreement of Acceptable Technology Use

      As responsible digital citizens, our students are required to sign a Student Agreement of Acceptable Technology Use every year. The agreement is explained to students in class before they sign it each year. Once a student signs the agreement, parents will receive an email to also sign it. As parents, please look out for this email and contact our Secondary School office if you have any questions.

      Myanmar National Anthem

      Beginning after the Thadingyut break, at 08:35 each morning, in accordance with our dedication to comply with the directives of the local ministry of education, the Myanmar National Anthem will be played through the classroom clocks. During this time, students and adults are asked to cease their activities, show respect by either standing or sitting quietly and refrain from speaking.  Additionally, the national flag will be displayed on all of our TV screens.

      Chinthe Expeditions Update

      We have been very pleased by the positive response to our return to week without walls in the form of our Chinthe Expeditions programme. We are working very closely with our travel partners, Oway, in finalizing every detail around travel, accommodation and activities. It is very exciting for us to be doing this and thank you to those of you who have contacted us with your questions about your child(ren)’s expedition. Questions are always welcome and are helpful to us.

      To provide all of you with more specific information about your child(ren)’s expedition, Grade Level Expedition Meetings will be held at school during the week of November 13-17. In these meetings, we will be sharing specific information around travel, accommodation, and activities. 

      We will also be sharing security information and more general information as to how the expedition will run to ensure a fun and safe experience for all.

      Activities & Athletics

      Here is a link to Mr. O’Sullivan’s Athletics and Activities Blog for up-to-date information regarding Activities and Athletics at ISY.

      Parent Association Notices re: International Day

      International Day is coming up soon on the 18th of November.  The Parent Association has a raffle at this event. The raffle raises money to be used by the Parent Association to support student activities.

      Thank you to all the parents and students who have donated raffle prizes so far. The parent association would love to see more come in. 

      Prizes can be dropped off in the B Building on campus or given to Crystal Win (09- 5165638).

      Contact Ms. Crystal Win for more information.

      Chinthe Parent Learning Connections

      As a part of our new series at ISY, Chinthe Parent Learning Connections, parents had an opportunity to join Dr. Hedger, Mr. Simpson, and Ms. Sheppard as they explored learning at ISY. Parents engaged in Adaptive Schools learning strategies, which are used to encourage collaboration between students and faculty, and discussed the science behind how learning occurs at ISY. Parents are encouraged to join in future Chinthe Parent Learning Connections later this school year.

      Yangon City-Wide Volleyball Tournament

      Flood Response

      Please click here to read all about our community’s response to the flooding that has severely impacted our Chinthe Fund partners.

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