ISY Partner Projects

ISY supports three service organizations. All of these have Service Learning student support clubs associated with them. Each year ISY raises money for the Chinthe Fund which is then equally distributed to our three partners.

Yangon Animal Shelter

A few years ago a teacher at ISY, Terryl Just, began a small animal shelter to take care of some of the street dogs seen all over Yangon.  From a small beginning that shelter grew to an organization that now cares for over 600 dogs.  ISY has had a Service Learning student group for a number of years helping the shelter to raise the funds it needs to care for so many dogs.  The students help out at the shelter by feeding the dogs, exercising them and cleaning them.

Each year a calendar is produced showing great photos of the dogs photographed by students and sold at ISY events to help raise money for this great charity.  Donations go towards food, staffing and veterinary costs.

Find out more on the Yangon Animal Shelter website.

To donate to the project click on the link below and indicate what your donation is for in the box provided.

Care to the Least Center - CLC Family

ISY has had a long standing relationship with the Care to the Least Center.  This organization is an orphanage based in Yangon.

As part of our Service Learning program, ISY students have regularly engaged with children from the center in recreational activities. ISY after school service learning clubs have also collected and donated second hand clothes and games for the children.

In 2020-21, funds from ISY’s sustainability fund were used to build a girl’s dormitory for the organization. Funds donated would be used to support additional building projects.  Find out more on the Care to the Least Center Facebook page.





Kalihtaw School

The newest service organization partner is Kalihtaw School which is situated about 2 hours drive north of Yangon.  The school is part of the monastic system of schools and has about 35 students.  Most of the students are of elementary echool age but there are a few secondary school students attending as well. 

Service Learning groups dedicated to SDG 4 – Access to Education are already working on ideas on how this partnership can create service learning opportunities for our students.  To see updates on the initiatives happening with this school, please visit our Service Learning blog.