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Sports-a-thon 2019!

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The Annual ISY Sports-a-thon!

Last year ISY initiated the first of many fundraising events to help reach our first year goal of $30,000 USD to kick start our partnership with United World Schools.  Students came with families with the intention of performing all kinds of activities to raise money for the UWS project.  We initially suggested activities like shooting a certain number of baskets, swimming a certain number of laps in the pool or running around the field a certain number of times.

However, in the true spirit of ISY student creativity and against our expectation, students, parents and teachers alike came up with all manner of activities.  One teacher ran up the SAS building steps 10 times carrying a 50 pound pack (all 6 floors)!  One student, Lia (Class of 2026) decided she would try to cartwheel around the field.  Not happy with performing that task the one time, she managed it eight times!  Lastly who could forget the intrepid Casper (Class of 2028), who picked up a tire and walked around the field no less than 50 times!!


What is a Sports-a-thon?

A Sports-a-thon is where students decide on a particular challenge or task they want to complete during the event which takes place between 8:30 am and 10:30 am on Saturday 7th December.  They then ask for donations from parents, relatives and friends for completing the task.  For example a student might say, ‘Hey, if I can swim 30 laps of the pool will you give me 20,000 Ks to donate to the UWS project?’.  The student collects the donations, completes the activity and then hands the money to one of the stations available on the day or to the business office if the money is collected afterwards.

All are welcome to participate and we would especially like parents to come up with some challenges of their own as well as teachers and students.  On the day there is no entrance fee so feel free to come along when you like and join in the fun.


United World Schools 2019-20 Fundraising Goal and Status

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How you can help

If you would like to donate some money to the annual United World Schools fundraising target you can do that either by going online and selecting ‘Donation’ in the payment code dropdown menu and then writing in ‘United World Schools’ in the field marked ‘Student Name or Purpose’.  Alternatively, you can simply stop by the business office and hand in your donation to the cashier.  Many thanks in advance for your generosity.

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