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Athletics & Activities Blog – September 18

Reflecting from the Spin Bike While Watching Netflix

Sounds like a strange way to start this week’s blog, I know, but that is exactly where I found myself early this morning. I was so caught up in the documentary “My Octopus Teacher” that I lost track of my actual workout. I started thinking about how the filmmaker’s life and experience in the frigid waters just off the coast of South Africa could help us all look at our own lives a little differently.

The description of the film goes like this: “A burned-out filmmaker returns to the ocean of his childhood and discovers an underwater friend who changes his life.” Probably not the way too many of us would describe our lives currently. His connection to the outdoors, to the sea, and to this octopus help save the filmmaker from illness and depression. He starts to appreciate the natural world again and discovers a deep affection for marine wildlife. This discovery also leads to a closer relationship with his family.

Is there anything about this pandemic that can help us see the rest of the world a little clearer? Can we look past our own feelings of boredom or maybe even sadness to make a better connection with a friend, a stranger, or even our own families? We might not be able to jump into the ocean at the moment to swim with an octopus, but we can take a moment to refocus on our relationships, our health, and the happiness of others.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend “My Octopus Teacher”.

(Spoiler alert: the arm does grow back.)

ASAs, SEASAC, and a Cross Country Challenge

We’ve got some good things planned over the next few weeks (and a SEASAC update we probably saw coming but it’s hard to share nonetheless).  Read on to find the Session 1 ASA packet, an update from SEASAC, and a Cross Country running challenge.

Virtual ASAs Begin September 28

We have decided to postpone the start of Session 1 ASAs until Monday, September 28 in order to ensure that all of our families have a chance to log into PowerSchool and to enable all of our new families to get to know the platform.

We are going to start with four weeks of virtual ASAs, which will take us right up to October Break. This will enable everyone to get an idea of what ASAs feel like on Zoom and also allow us to see what works well – and maybe not so well – virtually. Some activities will end after four weeks, some will continue session-to-session, and others will go year-round, whether we are online or in person.

The Online Registration Process

On Tuesday, September 22 at 7pm, After School Activity registration will open on PowerSchool. In order to enable all students to have a chance to get into their top choices, students/parents will only be able to register for two events on the first day. At 7pm on Wednesday, September 23, registration will open up for all remaining activities. Registration will close completely on Thursday, September 24 at 7pm.

There will be a ‘Waiting List’ option for ASAs that fill up.  Students can choose to be added to a waiting list or select a different activity for that day and time. If you choose to be added to the Waiting List this will count as one of your two choices for day 1 of registration.  From Wednesday, September 23 after 7pm, if you choose to stay on a waiting list, you cannot select another activity for that date/time.  Activity waiting lists will be looked at to decide if more sessions of any single activity need to be added. Students will be taken off the waiting list and added to the actual activity if spaces become available.

We strongly recommend you login to PowerSchool BEFORE registration opens to test your PowerSchool login. Before contacting the PowerSchool support team you could take a look at this handy guide on resetting your PowerSchool login. If that doesn’t work then please contact PowerSchool support at

The Session 1 ASA Packet can be found HERE!  We recommend that you review this with your child so that you know what activities your child wants to register for next week.


SEASAC Tournaments Cancelled for 2020-21 School Year

The SEASAC Crisis Committee met earlier this week to discuss the future of SEASAC tournaments for the 2020-21 school year.  Following is an excerpt from the email sent out to all  SEASAC member schools:

This morning the Crisis Committee met and discussed the challenges being faced across the region relating to Covid-19, travel restrictions and sports participation. We referenced the data [Member Schools] shared with us this week and a unanimous decision was made to cancel all SEASAC events in 2020/21. This is not a decision we took lightly, but it was felt it is in the best interests of all schools to have a clear directive to avoid giving their communities false hope or causing large financial losses during already challenging times.

The Yangon Athletic Conference (YAC) is still meeting regularly and planning events in the hope that we can all return to campus soon and at least begin participating in athletic challenge events and intramural sports on our own campuses.

Please take care of yourselves and continue to participate in fitness activities such as PE classes and youtube workouts.  Get outdoors when you are able.  The best defense for ourselves right now – both mentally and physically – is a healthy body and a strong heart.

Cross Country Treadmill Challenge

In light of the recent tournament cancellations, SEASAC has put together a series of challenges for those schools who have students on campus but are unable to travel.  Since we are not permitted on campus currently, there is one challenge that is available to us…

The Treadmill Race!

Set your treadmill at 2%, run as hard as you can for 3KM, then record your time and see where you stack up against other SEASAC runners.  The “race” must be video recorded by your coach (or in this case, another trustworthy adult).

Coach Caitlin Tegenfeldt and Coach Jono O’Sullivan are ready to start training with the team (virtually) so we can see where ISY stacks up.  MS and HS runners are welcome to join.

We can record results up until November 6th. You can try as many times as you like.

You will need access to a treadmill in order to race, but not to practice.  (There is no pressure to actually compete.) 

If your child is interested in participating, please fill out the following form:

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