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The Latest news from Wan Kaung Village

This post has been created by Lin (Class of 2023), Sammy (Class of 2022) and Kaily (Class of 2023).

We are proud to announce that the new school in Wan Kaung Village has recently been completed! It took quite a bit of time and patience to get all the permits in place, and to move all the sand, gravel, rock, and wood needed to build the school. But once it all arrived, the villagers wasted no time. The actual construction took just a little over one month to complete from start to finish. And now, a beautiful four classroom school is standing and ready for students to file in and begin the next part of their learning journey.

ISY Connections

Last week, the United World Schools (UWS) Burmese leader, Dr. Kay paid a visit to ISY. She spent time with the g2 class answering questions and sharing about life in Wan Kaung Village. She described some of the needs the school currently has, including:

  • The schools still needs enough desks and chairs for all 80 students
  • The library needs more books in Burmese language for children grades KG – 4. The currently only have 150 books for 80 students
  • They need to further improve their playground facility so the school is a place that students enjoy going to
  • The six UWS “education officers” who train the teachers are interested in receiving training from ISY teaching professionals. ISY is exploring this possibility.

On November 5, students from UWS secondary visited the elementary UWS group. There, they presented about the concept of service learning and what UWS is. They were also able to provide an update about the Wan Kaung school and the upcoming goals. UWS elementary had a chance to ask questions about what they’d like to know about the school as well. Overall, it was a great opportunity for interaction between different parts of the school.

What’s happening in ASAs

The UWS / ISY Partnership is divided into 5 active committees:

The main role of the ambassadors is to publicize the partnership. They are working with ISY’s communications coordinator, Mr. Gavin Ailes to raise awareness. The ambassadors are also in charge of developing links with the community- with parents, alumni, other NGOS, experts, and etc. The UWS ambassadors are: Mabel, Cindy, and Zoe.

The fundraising group of UWS organizes all fundraising events and come up with new ideas for fundraising.  The UWS fundraising group include: Tita, Sherlyn, Khine Nway, Kyaw, Samantha, Kashish, Audrey, Bridget.

Connections to ES & MS
This group will talk to ES and MS, so they can be aware of upcoming UWS events. Julie, Shwe, Michael.

Connections with the Curriculum
This group works with teachers, curriculum coordinator, activity sponsors, etc to create and develop ways to connect the school curriculum to the WK partnership. Thondari, Marco, Irene.

Connections to other ISY/ service groups
This group talks with different groups, on how they could connect and be a part of this school-wide project. We hope to work with other service groups to see how we could work towards similar goals. As of right now, we have contacted several service group leaders. If you are interested in working with our group please contact: Kaily, Su, Sammy, Si Thu.

Fundraising Events

Sports-A-Thon will be occuring on December 7, 2019 from 8:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M! This event involves students who will partake in challenges that are sponsored by parents, friends, etc… Students can come to school on the seventh and sign up for a particular challenge they would like to do. For example, you can try to make 5 3-pointers in a row, or run 15 laps around the field. The student must, then, find a sponser who will donate a certain amount of money for the activity to be carried out. Lastly, the student must simply try to accomplish their goal, or challenge. Sports-A-Thon will help raise important funds to maintain the Wan Kaung School, which the ISY community have worked very hard to build. If you would like to help the students of the Wan Kaung Village, this is a great opportunity to support this education project.

Look forward to upcoming events like a Family Fun Night. Details will be coming soon!

A Trip to Wan Kaung Village

ISY has planned a trip for ISY students in January 2020 to Wan Kaung which could give you the most authentic service learning experience available. This exciting trip will help the efforts towards creating a strong relationship between ISY and the Wan Kaung School. As the school has finished building, thanks to the efforts of the ISY community and the people of the Wan Kaung Village, these students will be interacting with the children of the village, looking at classrooms, and overall, immersing themselves in the process of getting to understand and know the villagers.

United World Schools 2019-20 Fundraising Goal and Status

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How you can help

If you would like to donate some money to the annual United World Schools fundraising target you can do that either by going online and selecting ‘Donation’ in the payment code dropdown menu and then writing in ‘United World Schools’ in the field marked ‘Student Name or Purpose’.  Alternatively, you can simply stop by the business office and hand in your donation to the cashier.  Many thanks in advance for your generosity.

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