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Sports-a-thon 2020!

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The Third Annual ISY Sports-a-thon!

Every year ISY has a school wide event called the Sports-a-thon to raise funds and awareness for the United World Schools project.  This is a partnership that ISY has with UWS to build a school in Myanmar as well as raising the money to fund a teacher and provide teaching materials.  We’re now in our third year.

Normally, students come on to campus with their families with the intention of performing all kinds of activities to raise money for the UWS project.  Usually, students make up all sorts of challenges for the day.  In our first year one student, the intrepid Kasper (Class of 2028), picked up a tire and walked around the field no less than 50 times!!  Another student cart wheeled around the field 8 times!

In our second year, among many exciting challenges we had a unicyclist and an excellent performance from a group of synchronized swimmers.

This year we have a host of challenges already coming in.  Have a look at the below videos.  Mr. McCamlie has challenged groups of 4 Middle School students to move further than he can on his own over the course of one week, starting Saturday the 5th and with the grand finale on the 12th December.  He’ll donate money if anyone can beat him.  Learn about Ms. Patty’s challenge and see Mr. Sturmey’s textbook challenge.  Get in touch with the UWS team and let them know what your challenge is going to be.

United World Schools 2020-21 Fundraising Goal and Status

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How can you participate?
Set a personal challenge or two. Gather sponsors that will donate when you complete your challenge. Join a zoom meeting on December 12th to complete your challenge. Finally, donate for completing your challenge.
Video your family member(s) completing their physical challenge prior to December 12th, submit the video to be included in the day’s celebration and make a donation!  Have a look at the video on how to upload your video to Flipgrid.  Once you’ve looked at that the video you can go to Flipgrid here.

All donations will be collected through the ISY Online Ordering System. Simply login to your Powerschool account, click on the ISY Ordering System menu item and make your contribution. Check out the video on how to use the system but please note that your MPU card needs to be registered and set up for online payments before you can complete any donations.

How to donate using the online system  

How to upload your video to Flipgrid

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